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3 Things To Consider Before Adopting a Horse

Adopting a horse may be one of your childhood dreams that has never left you. Perhaps you finally have the opportunity to purchase the horse of your dreams, yet you should ask yourself three important questions before you make your move.

Can You Afford a Horse?

Horses are far more expensive to maintain than other pets. If you don’t have a proper shelter for your horse, you will have to board it at a stable, and this can run up to $1,000 per month. Even if you have your own stable, you need to think about costs for feed, hay, supplements and salt, veterinary care, bedding, farrier services, tack, transportation and a horse trainer Westhampton MA. These expenses can add up quickly, and many horse owners end up spending over $3,000 per year even without boarding fees.

Can You Take the Time?

Caring for a horse requires a great deal of time. You will have to feed and water your horse twice a day. Then, each day you must clean its stall and put down fresh bedding, check its physical condition and hooves and exercise your horse. Many horse owners groom their animals daily, too, and do a full grooming each week and a bath as needed. You must also periodically do a deeper cleaning and repairs in the stable, maintain tack and gear and take your horse to the veterinarian. All of this involves significant time that you will need to work into your schedule.

Can You Make the Commitment?

Along with the daily and weekly time commitments you will have to make to your horse, you should also consider if you can make the commitment to caring for the animal for life. Horses can live for 25 to 30 years, and while circumstances may change, you should be ready to spend several years taking care of your horse.

Adopting a horse is indeed a huge decision and commitment, but it can also be extremely rewarding if you are ready and willing to love your horse.

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