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4 Ways To Reduce Your Dog’s Anxiety

Your dog is your best friend. And there is no denying that you can do anything for them. But what if they are feeling anxious?

Below is a list of the top four ways to reduce your dog’s anxiety. These are proven ways that can work for dogs of any size or breed. Dealing with an anxious dog is a lot easier than you think. Check out the topmost Pet Care Stores for your pet needs online.

Once you have finished reading through this guide, you’ll have a better understanding as to why your dog deals with anxiety on a regular basis (or on occasions). With that said, let’s get right started:

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1. Get them active

Anxiety happens. It can kick into high gear when they are separated from you (or the most important person in their life). One of the major side effects of anxiety is excessive energy. When they are anxious, they can move around a lot more often than usual.

That’s why it’s important to make sure that you get them exercising. Take them out to the backyard for some fetch, walk around the block, or go on a jog with them in tow.

The goal here is to put that energy they have to good use. When you need to leave for work or to run errands, make sure that the likelihood of anxiety is lower than normal.

2. Cuddle with them

Dogs love to cuddle. It’s even better when you’re using personalized blankets for your dogs. They love that close physical contact with their owners. And they’ll feel more comfortable than ever.

It’s even more effective if you are able to spot the early warning signs of anxiety. The sooner you can catch them, the better the chance you can be able to comfort them with some cuddles.

3. Play some music

Music is known to be soothing for humans on a stressful day. However, dogs can also benefit from music. Play some calming, relaxing music (preferably instrumental music) while you and your dog are at home or on the road.

Also, you’ll want to block out as many distracting noises as possible. One such music that you can use is classical music. Mozart, Beethoven, or even Bach might reduce that anxiety for your dog more often than not.

4. Massage and pet them

Giving your dogs plenty of pats and massages will keep them calm for quite awhile. Anxiety in dogs can cause muscles to tense up (which could lead to potential injuries in the future). Be sure to massage their neck and backs. Make sure that the strokes are in a downward motion with long strokes.

Final Thoughts

Anxiety can be a normal thing for dogs. However, you can keep the episodes down to a minimum with the four steps listed above. Try one of these out or mix it up a bit the next time your dog feels anxious.

Not only will your dog love you more, but they will less likely feel anxious over time. Plus, that trust between your dog and yourself will be even stronger.

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