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Advice for Donkey Care

Caring for a donkey isn’t easy, and as beautiful and lovely as they are, they require a lot of care and attention so make sure you’ve made the right decision before taking the leap. There are many advice forums out there with a great number of tips and tricks to getting the right product and the right information for your new addition. For example, check out Wynnstay, they have a fantastic range of products and information available at the click of a button, you’ll never be short of information and help online so be sure to take a look. 


Allowing a Donkey to over feed is easy given their grazing nature, they can easily become overweight. This is a huge mistake made by many Donkey owners and their weight and well-being is entirely in your control so ensure this is kept to a good standard to keep your Donkey happy and healthy. Giving your Donkey access to hay with huge amounts of nutritional value will allow them to eat more of it and as Donkey’s love to chew, this is a perfect solution, although you will still need to limit their access to food if they’re overeating. When you feed your new addition, you can give them a bit of TLC, get them used to being petted and loved. This is also a perfect way to assess your Donkey’s body fat around the neck and chest area. If it seems they are gaining weight, feed them less and if they’re feeling thinner then you can up their feed. For more information on types of animal feed you can check out Wynnstay.

Top Tip: A little piggy hay net will slow down their feeding!

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You need to provide your Donkey with either a barn, stall, or three-sided open shelter. The perfect thing about caring for a Donkey is their self-preservation, if they want to come inside, they absolutely will. They are happy to look after themselves as long as you’ve provided the housing for them. Make sure the enclosed area is safe for the Donkey, you don’t necessarily have to have a huge area of space, they like to potter around playing rather than running at a fast speed like horses do. Ensure they’re safe and unable to get out and try avoiding wiring that can cause harm like barb wire. 

Social Needs

Donkey’s need company, make sure they have another to roam around with and keep themselves entertained and avoiding loneliness. Believe it or not, your Donkey is easier in a pair than on their own! If you could imagine yourself feeling lonely if you lived alone your whole life, you can pretty much guarantee a Donkey feels the same way, they enjoy eating and sleeping near another so this will be a real enjoyment for them. 


Setting up enrichment projects for your Donkey is a great way to keep them stimulated and away from destroying your property when they get bored. Look into hula hoops, cardboard boxes, beach balls and a good old pile of dirt. They will enjoy playing to their hearts content and it will be lovely to watch. 

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