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Be Flea-Free: The Top Questions Pet Owners Have About Fleas

Hearing the word fleas may be enough to make you cringe. If you have a dog, the pesky little bugs are something you may have to deal with one day. Fight that urge to squirm and keep reading to have some of your top questions about flea infestations answered. 

What Are the Signs?

Determining that your fluffy friend has fleas isn’t always easy. The adult bugs are small, fast, and easily hide in fur. Scratching is often the first sign that you need to find flea treatments St. Petersburg

Check for live bugs, red welts, and black dust by running your hand up your pet’s coat. The most common area fleas gather in is around the neck. However, you may have an easier time seeing in areas with less fur such as the belly. Keep an eye on bedding, too.

Where Did They Come From?

People are often concerned about where fleas come from. Despite some common misconceptions, infestations do not occur because your house or pet is dirty. Fleas spread very easily and will hitch a ride on people, animals, and items you bring into your home.

Wild animals also carry fleas. That means your dog didn’t necessarily pick up unpleasant passengers from another home, hotel, daycare, or vet’s office. Walking through the grass can be all it takes.

How Do You Treat Them?

The sooner you catch fleas, the easier it is to treat them. Every dog or cat in your home should be treated. Treatment options include special baths, topical preventatives, or ingestible medications. 

To prevent reinfestation of your pets, you also need to treat your home. Deep clean all bedding and carpets. There are flea sprays and powders for the home if you want an extra boost.

You can’t always flee from fleas, but you can keep a watchful eye out and treat them quickly.

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