Having dogs at home isn’t an easy job because like us as a human we need special cares same goes with animals too. People who raise dogs at home or run pet businesses they have to be taken care of dogs with many activities for their health. Some people do activities with their pets but others may not be having enough time to do so. Those people who are busy don’t have adequate time for taking care of their canines they hire dog walkers who walking with dogs on their behalves. Dog walker’s main job is to take dogs from their homes for a walk and bring them back to their home owners. Some dog walkers offer grooming services too. According to law dog walkers should have licence for this job and also they should have basic knowledge of the animal’s health.

There are many dog walkers are in the USA who are providing the best services of the dog walkers and are professionals. Some of them are enumerated below.

360° Dog Walker

360° Dog Walker is the best dog walker located in San Francisco area. They provide the best dog walker’s services for the dog owners. Their service includes grooming, daycare, boarding, house sitting and dog walking.


This is the quickest and the fastest dog walking centre. Whenever any dog owners feel rush or he is busy and don’t know what to do just call this centre they will be at your home within an hour. Wag provides a speedy service that’s the reason they are famous in the USA.

Barkly Pets

A barkly pet comes in the list of the best dog walkers. Barkly provides in person training for each dog walker. This business is also indulged in the best services of the canines.

Fetch Pet Care

Fetch Pet Care provides speedy service and is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This day walker business provides the best service including, grooming, walking, day care, house sitting and boarding for the pups.


Dogboy has been providing dog walking services to Brooklyn and throughout New York City. This is a certified dog training company with professional dog trainers. Their services include dog walking, dog preparation, basic obedience, one on one training, grooming and day care.

Downtown Pets

This company has been working with pups for nearly a decade. This company is a well reputed company of the USA. Their articles related to pups come in the newspapers. The company is very much environmentally friendly and uses recycled paper, organic treats, biodegradeable waste bags and soy based ink.

Eco Dog

Eco Dog Company is also the best dog walking company and has been organized as the best of business in 2015 and 2016 by the Brooklyn award program. Their services include walking, day care, training, grooming and in home pet.

Gimme Paw Dog Walking Service

Gimme Paw Dog Walking Service has served clients in New York City and Long Island City since 2010. This company uses pet check technology for its 15, 30 and 45 minutes individual and group dog walks. They are also providing dog training and cat visits services.





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