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Can a Grizzly bear kill a Polar bear?

The two giant species in the animal’s category named Polar bear and grizzly bear have diverse, unique features just check out in the following comparison. Bears are almost reducing the count by various worrying hunting and season changes. Bears have bigger body size and fight well with the predators. Here, you can know the comparison of both big animals- Grizzly bear vs Polar bear

What are the interesting facts about Polar bears?

Polar bears have white colored fur which is transparent and the largest carnivore lives on the land. It specifically lives in the Arctic region and utilizes sea ice to hunt prey like seals and other animals. It mainly follows the diet in the summer season and the stored fat use in the hot climate, and it will reside in the burrow until the season ends. The male giant polar bear weighs around 680 kilograms that is 1500 lb.

The female polar bear’s weight is lesser than the male bear, and all the polar bears spend most of the time only on the sea surface. The total number of polar bears found is around 20, 000 only and it has 42 teeth. The polar bears maintain their warmth around 10 cm of blubber below the skin. It especially has an astounding smell sense used to identify the seals that are nearby 1.6 km away. It also swims well up to 40 kph on land and on land at ten kph.

What are interesting facts about Grizzly bears?

Grizzly bears have brown fur, but back and shoulders have white tops appear grizzled. So, it is called the grizzly bear and recognizes the hump on the back made of strong muscles. It roars, snorts and growls to communicate with another bear. It is a giant animal weighing around 300 to 800 pounds, and some bigger bears weigh about 1400 pounds. It grows 3 to 4 feet height while it stands with four legs and reaches 8 feet while it stands by their back feet.

The majority of the grizzly bears maintains a diet with the foodstuffs like leaves, nuts, and berries and eats meat items like moose, fish, and rodents. The male grizzly bear preferred solitary but in the migrating period seen with large bear groups. Bear will enjoy catching salmon fish while it jumps out of the opposite direction stream or waterfall.

It will eat around 25 fish in a day and prepare much fat for hibernation. The grizzly bears are also great swimmers, fast runners and run approximately 30 miles fast in an hour. It has a good smell while compared to a hound dog.

While the comparison of both grizzly bear and polar bear, the polar bear is the one and only sniff out for the prey around 1.6 km away. Finally, the polar bear is the winner by their large size body and cute nose to find out the prey reside and come easier. The polar bear’s sense of smell slightly more than grizzly bear nevertheless two species endangered one. Polar bears defeat the grizzly bear in the sense of smell, size, and weight.

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