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Caring and the Dos & Don’t of Fishes – Betta Fish & Molly Fish! 

Having a betta fish can be a wonderful thing, but these fishes are sensitive to various kinds of diseases such as betta fin rot. So, you will have to know about it to take care of the fish. Fin rot attacks many fishes. It is a kind of bacterial or fungal disease which infects the edges of the fin. There are many reasons for fin rot. Some of them are as follows – Pet store danger, aquarium conditions, bacteria, etc. are some of the reasons for fin rot. There can be mild fin rot symptoms, major fin rot symptoms, deadly fin rot symptoms. 

Treatment of betta fin rot – 

For all these three symptoms treatment is supposed to be given which has to be continuous. The fin membrane will start re-growing and regain its original shape. You have to keep the betta fish in the separate tank during the treatment. Also, keep the water clean and replace it regularly. 

Molly Fishes – An Introduction – 

Molly fishes are one of the most entertaining fish; it is playful and cheerful too. They are beautiful and active. They are easy to breed and care for and there are certain advantages and disadvantages of breeding them. Their advantages comprise of the following – they are beautiful, playful, ease of reproduction, ease of care. 

There are also certain disadvantages also. They are as follows – 

  • They have a poor relationship with their own breed, with other fishes they get along well.
  • Their reproducibility can be over-crowding.

Care for Molly Fishes – 

If you want to care for the molly fishes then you have to do the following – Decorate the aquarium, place fresh water plants under the substrate, fill the aquarium with water, feed them, don’t use aquarium salt, install the filter according to instructions, finish an aquarium cycle before placing the fish in the water. 

Warning – 

There are certain warnings also that you must know- Don’t turn the water from the bag into the aquarium, feed the other fish before putting mollies in the water so that they don’t think they are meant to be eaten, don’t let the water get cold or overheat and don’t let them stay in the plastic bag for too long.  For more details visit this site https://muchfish.com/


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