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Beach Tips and and Tricks for Your Next Trip with Your Dog

The summer season brings a perfect time to head to the beach and take a breath of some fresh air. Bringing your dog to the beach is exciting, which also helps you bond more with your furry friend. From running and splashing the sand, basking in the sun, or chasing seagulls on the shores, there is so much fun your dog can have on the beach. To ensure your beach vacation with your dog goes smoothly, here are a few things you should consider.

Find a dog-friendly beach.

Before you pack and head to the coast with your dog, first find out if dogs are permitted on the beach as some beaches have a dog-free policy. Fortunately, there are plenty of dog-friendly beaches where you can take your furry friend. For instance, you can find out more about west wittering beach dogs and let your pet be a part of the exciting beach activities for dogs such as sunbathing, swimming, or just running around. However, be sure to read the policies as there may be some beach areas where your dog is not around to enter. Also, ensure you find out about season restrictions as policies may change with seasons.

Find out if your dog loves the beach.

Although most dogs love walking in the beach sands and water, some don’t like that at all. When you carry your dog to the beach for the first time, observe it and see how it behaves. Some will enjoy swimming while others will not step a foot in the water at all. If your pet loves swimming and all that, then start planning for more beach getaways.

Use a long leash

Although there is safety equipment for swimming dogs, it is better to be always prepared. Use a long leash that allows you to pull your dog out of the water when it goes too far or when the waves get rough. Although you can always look out for your dog as they chase seagulls and run around, you don’t want to risk it running so far away from you and end up getting hurt.

Beware of hot sand

Just as hot sand can be painful for your feet is the same way it can be painful for dog paws. You need to beware of that to keep your dog from getting paw burns. Use rubber bottom booties to protect them until you reach where there is wet sand. Also, keep on checking its paws for burns and irritation from salty water or sea creatures.

Apply sunscreen on your pet

If your dog is freshly shaven or is a short-coated breed, it will need sunscreen. Use a chemical-free sunscreen on its skin, and it should be waterproof if your dog is going for a swim. Do not forget to apply it on its ear tips, nose, and paws.

Carry water and provide a shade

Your dog will pant so heavily when it gets so hot or thirsty so, provide some water and shade. You can carry a beach umbrella and a gallon of cold water. Give it water from time to time, limit its sun exposure, and when it pants excessively, it’s time to leave the beach.


When you get home, wash your dog with clean water and shampoo, as salty water and sand stuck on its fur can be irritative. Wash it thoroughly and rinse it with fresh water. That way, your dog will have enjoyed its beach vacation.

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