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Coyote Hunting Tips and Strategies

Predator hunting is an extreme and interesting type of activity. Consider the surrounding weather conditions, attain special equipment, like night scope, and aim to succeed without obstacles. Explore the perspectives and tips, build up your own strategies and succeed in coyote hunting easily. 

When to Hunt

Coyote hunting is possible and allowed all the year-round. It seems like a different kind of sport. Depending on your preferences you may hunt in any season. If you want to deprive your land of the predators the season doesn’t matter, while hunting for pelt is recommended in winter. 

When it comes to daytime the best option is early in the morning or in the evening, when coyotes go out for food. Mind special devices or dim light such as thermal imaging or night vision scopes to get your hunting more fruitful. 

How to Set Up

If you are not familiar with the land, explore the territory to find where to set up. Drive or walk along the muddy road or trail to find the coyotes tracks or scat.

In case there are cows calving nearby, the coyotes will be wandering around for sure. 

Hide your car far from the set-up place, encounter a high spot above the surrounding area and prepare to wait. 

Deceive the Senses

Coyotes have an extremely good smell and hearing. Since they do down smell, your position should be somewhat higher than the area around.

Downwind positioning is also a must-do. Sit in the way so that the wind blows into your face but not vice versa. This means that the predators won’t be able to smell you.

Be Patient

When you set and are ready, exploit the calls and prepare for waiting. It is advisable to wait at least for half an hour after the call. So, gather patience and have successful hunting. 

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