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Do Cockatoos Make Good Pets

Cockatoos are pet-friendly bird species if their requirements are met adequately. Although this pet is high maintenance, the amount of fun, joy, and positive energy they bring have no comparison. Cockatoos are scarce birds, therefore, sold expensively. If you are planning to pet one, you should know the perk of it. 

  • Cockatoo Is A Attention Seeker

This majestic bird is beautiful and mesmerizing in every way, but it is very needy. You’ll notice that your Cockatoo would need your attention 24/7. They easily blend in with new people so you won’t have to worry about your bird opening up to you. The best way to tackle this obstacle is to set aside 30-60 minutes every day for your pet. 

  • Cockatoo’s Love Toys 

Cockatoo is a very playful species of parrots. You’ll find their bird either cuddling with you or dancing on the table. If you want your pet to have a busy day, you should buy toys for it. Cockatoo loves chewing and fluffy toys. Cockatoos are smart birds; therefore, you can buy puzzle toys for them as well. They even play along with wooden toys and remote control cars. 

  • Cockatoo’s Love Stretching Their Wings 

If you want a healthy and happy bird, you need to give it regular 3-4 hours of exercise. Since their metabolism is slow, if you keep them locked in, they won’t digest food actively. Many people don’t prefer keeping this majestic bird in the cage. But if you do so, then let it out for at least 3-4 hours so that it can stretch its wings. 

  • Cockatoos are Funny 

If you are feeling down and depressed, then Cockatoo is a fantastic pet that’ll cheer you up. The internet is filled with funny videos of Cockatoo, but you can make your bird famous as well. Cockatoos are fast learners, so no matter what you teach them, they will get a good grip on it. 

Wrapping It Up 

Cockatoos are beautiful and mesmerizing to look at, but the amount of attention they require is hard to deliver. If you ignore your bird, then it will start plucking its feathers. Cockatoos are possessive and aggressive birds. In some cases, they start self-mutilating after their feathers are gone. But, you can prevent all of this if you invest just 60 minutes of your day when you come back home.

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