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Do you like the French bulldog? Here’s The Buying Guide

Thinking of adopting or buying a French Bulldog but don’t know what are the advantages or disadvantages of the breed? The French bulldog is a breed of dog that has many advantages, due to its friendly, playful and affectionate character, but they also have black spots that are better to know before venturing with this breed for the first time. It is not usually read around that they have many congenital diseases, and that their body characteristics will make them very noisy, to give an example.

You also won’t often read that they are perfect for homes with children and those they are very smart. The best thing is that you read all our advice, which we have prepared from experience, before you decide to buy this wonderful pet of which we are totally proud.

The French bulldog needs moderate exercise, never in excess

The French bulldog doesn’t need a lot of exercise, although he does need his daily walks to keep him at a healthy weight. It is perfect for people who cannot or do not want a companion dog that is very active and needs long walks. This does not mean that they are not playful, they are and a lot, there are many exercises that they can do but always in moderation, since excessive exercise can have negative consequences for their health.

The French bulldog suffers a lot from extreme heat

The French bulldog is not well liked the heat and should be monitored on hot days to make sure it does not try too hard. On very hot days, especially in summer, it is best to take him out for a walk early in the morning and late in the afternoon to avoid scares. It is a breed very prone to heat stroke that could end your life if you are not aware of the efforts it makes or if you take it for a walk when it is very hot. You need to consult the cost of frenchies there.

The French bulldog is easy to train with firmness and patience

The French bulldog can be easy to train, but he can also be very stubborn, and it can cost him many reps to get an order to follow. Of course, when you get it you will never stop doing it. It is best to be firm and patient when you start training this breed because they are undoubtedly much smarter than they appear.

The French bulldog is not a “clean” pet

If you value cleanliness a lot, the French bulldog is not the ideal dog for you as it is prone to drooling, farting and vomiting very often. In fact, it is essential to get used to this point, since it can be decisive in the future. However, with good hygiene and care of your French bulldog, it is much better.

The French bulldog is a calm and docile breed

The French bulldog is a fairly calm breed and is known as a breed that doesn’t bark much, although there can always be exceptions. The best thing is to correct your education as a puppy and avoid being too territorial, as we will see in the next point. That is why it is ideal for those who live in flats or apartments; they do not need too much space to be happy.

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