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Dog Leash As per the Choices Now

The dog retractable leash divides two schools of dog trainers, those who are for and those who are totally against. Indeed, some believe that it makes it easier to learn the recall for your dog, while others think that this type of accessory encourages him to pull on a leash to have more freedom of movement.

Learn the reminder with a retractable dog leash

We offer a tip for teaching your pet how to call back. You do not have to apply this technique if you have one that is already bearing fruit. For the retractable leash for dog this is important.

  • When walking with your four-legged friend, equipped with a retractable dog leash, you leave your dog in semi-freedom without blocking the leash’s brake. When you want to call him back, call him. If he turns to you encourage him by crouching down and saying “come” or “here”. If it comes by itself, reward it with a treat and petting.
  • If your pet is not looking at you after you have called him, the extendable dog leash then comes into play. You can help your four-legged friend by bringing him back gently. The purpose of the maneuver is not to do the work for him but to give him a clue of what you expect, to attract his attention. As soon as he looks towards you, crouch down and make him come by saying “come”. If it still does not move, use the leash without “pumping” or with great blows. Learning is always more effective if it is the dog that succeeds on its own, even if it has had some help. Once he’s at your feet, reward him with treats and hugs.
  • The goal of learning is that your dog associates an action with something pleasant. He will obey not only to please you but also because he will not have learned under duress. Even if he has acquired the action, you should always congratulate your animal when he obeys.

A dog leash is not a substitute for learning the recall. We see many dog ​​handlers content to bring the dog towards them by pumping as if it were a puppet. It is useless, painful and unpleasant for the dog who does not understand why he is trapped towards his master and counterproductive. Canine education is like that of children, it takes time, energy, sometimes cunning, but if we are always winners.


An automatic dog leash is most often used during city walks for the simple reason that there is car traffic and that the dog risks having a serious accident if he walks on the road. A retractable dog leash allows you to adjust the freedom of movement according to the danger or, once you arrive at the park, allow it a certain freedom of movement without disturbing passers-by.

Last Words

This dog accessory is only to be used for daily or hygienic walks. It is in no way suitable for sports use. For more active outings, you will need to equip yourself and your dog accordingly. For example, if you are a bicycle lover, you will need to take equipment suitable for walking a dog on a bicycle , such as a basket or a special fastener.

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