Many prefer to have fish as their pets. Fish are the most considered pets with low maintenance cost. The only maintenance required is cleaning the aquarium from time to time. However, it is not an easy task when the tank is big and full of algae. 

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Cleaning the Aquarium

You have to clean your fish tank regularly so that you can maintain a hygienic environment for your pets. Due to overfeeding or light exposure, a lot of algae appear in the aquarium. You need to clean the aquarium once in every 2-4 weeks and should change the water regularly as well, but not on the same day when you clean the filtration unit. 

To start cleaning the aquarium, you need a few tools and should follow simple steps.


Bleach, razor blade, plastic scraper blade, algae scraper pad, aquarium siphon kit, aquarium-safe cleaners, large buckets, hand soap, vinegar, thermometer, paper towels, testing kit and aquarium treatment, chlorine neutraliser, and liquid metal. 


  • Clean the tank’s interior using an algae scraper pad. Wash your hands properly by rinsing off the soap before entering the tank. There is no need to take the pets out of the tank to do the routine cleaning. 
  • Don’t ever use the sponge that is used for cleaning the kitchen, as it contains traces of chemicals. Loosen the algae from all four sides of the tank and the filter cleans up the rest. If there is any residue on the sides of the aquarium, then use a razor blade to clean the algae. Use a plastic scraper or blade if it is an acrylic tank.
  • Using a scrub and algae pad clean all the decorations, the artificial plants, and the large rocks. If this isn’t working, then put all these in a pot of boiling water for 20 minutes. The dirt will go off.
  • Clean the gravel and debris using the siphon before putting all the decorations back in the tank. You need to do this procedure until 25% of water is removed from the aquarium tank. Clean the light, hood, top, and outside glass of the aquarium using aquarium-safe cleaners. 
  • Set the fish tank to equilibrium by adding freshwater. Put all the decorations and rocks into the fish tank. Mix chlorine neutraliser and liquid metal into the bucket so that any heavy metal or chlorine is removed from it. Check for the pH and ammonia balance using a testing kit.
  • Change the filter. Don’t clean and replace the filter at the same time as it contains some essential bacteria. 

Make the tank safe for your fish. Whether it is a fishbowl or a big tank, it is necessary to keep your pets in a clean and hygienic environment, just as you keep yourself and your home. 

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