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How Safe Is International Air Travel For Your Older Pet?

In case your family wishes to move overseas, it goes without saying that you would be carrying your dearest pet as well. However, what if your pet is old. Have you considered thinking if international air travels safely for your older pet? 

Pet’s Health is of Prime Importance When Considering Safety

Flat-faced dogs are on the greater side of the risk, thanks to their breathing difficulties. A majority of carriers would approve them at any given age. Older pets have more than one serious conditions, which might or might not be impacted by air travel. On the flip side, your pet might be in excellent shape, despite their age. Either way, you must ensure that your older pet is taking medication at intervals that collide with your airline schedule.

Consult Your Vet For Suggestions

To see if international pet transport is safe for your pet or not, always seek medical advice from a veterinarian who knows your pet in and out. Your veterinarian will have the best knowledge to evaluate the scenario, and accordingly, can help you find solutions for pet traveling.

Cabin or Cargo: Which is Better?

If your pet belongs to a small breed, then onboard seating might be an ideal solution, in case it is feasible for you. This way you can take your pet friend to the ‘pet relief area’ at the airport, for some poop break or fresh air. The older pets might also feel less stressed in a carrier under your flight set, where they can see you.

Useful Tips on Older Pets 

  • Because older pets have feeble bladders, they must relieve themselves before their board their flight.
  • Always stay cool, when you are calm, your pet understands that.

Why place yourself and your precious furry-friend member through stress, when you can have an experienced pet shipping company to help you find solutions for smooth air travel? Pet Transport Pro is one such professional company that arranges for hassle-free transportation of pets in the most budget-friendly way possible. 


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