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How To Effectively Train Your Canines

Training is an essential part of owning a dog. It can be started at any age whether as a pup or as an adult. An owner should know their dog’s capabilities and behavior for them to have effective training. They should know how their canine can follow commands or what makes them interested in training. Having a pet should always be as beneficial to both owner and pet as possible.

Different breeds have their own unique behavior but all dog breeds are tameable. Though their breed can affect how you train them, it is nothing harmful. Except of course when you use violence as a way to show superiority, it will not only trigger a dog’s defensiveness but also create a lifelong trauma. 

This article will help you establish a stronger relationship with your furry friend if you are a first-time pet owner. Listed below are tips on how to effectively train your canines.

How to Effectively Train your Canine

  • Training should be enjoyable to both the trainer and the dog

Some pet owners get stressed over their dog’s hyperactive behavior like running around or jumping, barking, and just refusing to take commands. But know that behavior is actually not a bad thing but shows a feeling of excitement. A training session should be a fun time for dogs as it can be a way for them to fully understand what you’re trying to teach them. 

  • Know your dog’s background

Knowing your dog’s background is essential especially when you want to build a relationship with the dog and knowing the dog’s background could help you create a safe environment for them in training and get to know what could trigger their unwanted emotions. Some rescued dogs from shelters have different backgrounds; unfortunately, most had miserable pasts. Some may have suffered from abuse, neglect, and even overbreeding. 

When you decide to rescue a dog despite having issues, it may be best to consult them with the nearest vet. There is an extensive list of top-rated vets in Washington that could be of great help. 

  • Know your Dog

Every dog has their own personality. Your way of training should depend on how your dog learns. Some dogs get super active, and you as a trainer should know how to set boundaries between you and your animal. You should know what your dog’s favorite treats are or in what ways you can get their attention, and it will also be essential if you observe how your training techniques apply to your dog. 

  • Do not Use Violence

Training takes patience and time. If your dog does not immediately cooperate with your commands, violently punishing them won’t do anyone any good. Using violence can worsen the situation and cause further damage to the dog’s well-being. Rather than using violence, the most effective way of training is reward-based.                                       

  • Use Reward-Based Training

As mentioned above, using reward-based training is the most effective way of teaching your dog to follow commands. Reward-based training is often referred to as “positive reinforcement training”. It teaches your dog to offer behaviors you like by rewarding those good behaviors with treats. 


Overall, training a canine can be beneficial to both trainer and dog. It builds confidence and a stronger relationship between the two. It also provides a sense of accomplishment and provides a way to communicate. The importance of having a well-trained dog is having a sense of boundary and superiority. Sometimes, it is challenging for the dog to understand what we are asking them to do, that is why it is also important for us to try and understand how they are feeling and try our best to make them as comfortable as possible.

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