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How To Identify Karakachans

Karakachans are a dog breed from Bulgaria. They are a European breed livestock protection dog. They are named after a group of Greek nomadic shepherds. You can identify these dogs by their distinct features. 


These dogs tend to be proud, dominant, wary of strangers, brave, independent, and intelligent. They typically only produce a deep bark when threatened. 


They have large heads. However, they are not boxy like some breeds. Many people note that the breed has a flat head. This means you are not likely to see a pronounced bump on the top as some breeds have. These dogs have very large muzzles. Their muzzles have a very flat appearance at the top. It ends at a large nose. The nostrils are wide.


They have thick lips. You will notice that they fold over the top of the bottom lips. However, they will not appear droopy. Underneath, they will have a strong jaw. This houses 42 teeth. These will also be very large. Typically these dogs will have a scissor or pincer bite. 


Their eyes are small and deep-set. These will range from dark brown to hazel, with dogs with darker coats having darker eyes. They will also have a dark rim around their eyes on the edge of their eyelids. Their eyes will appear confident, firm, and intelligent. 


Their ears should appear small and low-set on their heads. These will be v-shaped and flop over. However, they will sit close to the head. 


These dogs have short and powerful necks. They provide a seamless transition between the head and body. Their body sits in a straight line slightly below the head. There should be no skin folds along this dog’s torso. 

This type of dog is European in descent and serves as a great livestock guardian. Their distinct features make them easily identifiable. 


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