Do you love to go outside and explore the area you live in? Have you hiked around your area? Studies have shown that regular hikes better your heart, help make you happier and calm your mind. So, instead of planning a regular walk with your dog, why not go on a hike instead? Here are some easy ways to prepare before heading out. 

Bring Water

The number one problem that hikers face is that they don’t bring enough water with them. Whether you’re going for a short hike or climbing into the mountains, it’s vital that you have enough water. After just a few hours of dehydration, your brain stops working correctly, and you can find yourself making odd, potentially unsafe choices. 

If lugging a bunch of water bottles doesn’t appeal to you, you can purchase a backpack specifically designed for holding water. It comes with a tube that you can attach to your clothing and quickly drink out of as you need it. 

Carry Dog Waste Bags

Anytime you go anywhere with your dog, you should always be prepared with dog waste bags. Yes, you’re out in nature, and the dog’s waste is a natural process, but other people and animals don’t need to deal with it. Furthermore, though your dog might not look sick, they could have parasites and harmful bacteria in their feces which can easily spread to other dogs. 

Dress Appropriately

Before heading out on your hike, look at the weather and the high for the day. If it’s going to be rainy, you’ll want to make sure you wear waterproof clothing. However, because the weather can change so quickly, you’ll probably want to layer your clothing. Wear a light layer of clothes, and put your waterproof pants and jacket on top of that. Then, you’re protected if it rains, but you can take it off if the sun comes out. 

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