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How to Train Your Yorkie Puppy at Home?

Yorkshire terrier (yorkie) puppies are one of the famous small breed puppies with big personality. Yorkies are fearless, intelligent, and full of energy. If you have a yorkie puppy you should plan the training carefully because yorkie has big-dog temperament in their small body. By following some simple strategies your training session can become pleasant and joyful. Before you start training make sure that the puppy is at its correct stage of at least eight weeks old, which means it is old enough to understand the training. The following tips will definitely help you to make your yorkie puppy a well-behaved dog.

Positive training session

A yorkie puppy bonds with the human and learns obedience and trust from them. Any negative physical contact with the owner can weaken this bond and trust. If a yorkie is afraid by its owner it will become difficult to train the dog. Withdrawing attention by using sharp “no” will be effective than any other physical punishment. These puppies are highly intelligent so they learn very quickly but sometimes if they ignore you just remember it is also a natural part of their development.

Make a proper schedule

For a healthy training session you need to make a proper schedule with small and short sessions so it becomes fun for both the dog and its owner. Choose a distraction-free area because a yorkie puppy notices everything around them. After they learn their basic commands, you can start training them.

Provide them safe place to relax

Yorkie puppies requires a place similar to a small den for relax, if you plan to have lots of guests and your yorkie is upset, then give them personal space. Being a small puppy yorkies can stay in crate with good safety. Yorkie puppies can be possessive and yappy but they become calmer as they mature.

If you are the first time dog owner it can be challenging for you to train a yorkie. However, proper techniques, patience, use of the right training accessories, like Yorkie harness, will help you a lot.

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