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Hygiene and care of bulldog: you must be informative!

The care of the bulldog is quite simple, and should be regular. Brushing it once a week will be enough to keep your hair shiny and healthy. However, his ears, eyes and wrinkles will need to be checked to rule out any allergies or infections. A very useful tip to avoid this type of problem is to wash his folds at least 1 or 2 times a month, dry them and immediately afterwards apply a little petroleum jelly to protect the skin. The shedding of hair is moderate but continuous. So it is recommended to go through a daily brushing that will eliminate dead hair.

Bulldog diet: follow the vet recommendations –

Whether it is homemade, raw or industrial food, you have to pay special attention and choose a diet that keeps him at his ideal weight and in good health. Bulldog Wellness depends much on what type of diet he is taking. To avoid obesity problems, the ideal will be to feed it only once a day, at a fixed time and always in the same place. One habit that works quite well is eating at night, preferably alone.

This breed presents several health complications. Its flat muzzle causes difficulty in breathing, its spine can suffer from compression and the absence of undercoat makes it vulnerable to sudden changes in temperature. Brachycephalic breeds are not adapted to high temperatures, and heat stroke can even be fatal to them. Such a dog should never be kept in a confined and poorly ventilated place, even if the temperature is moderate. The absence of undercoat offers it very little protection against cold.

Tendency to obesity –

Gluttonous and not very active, the bulldog is prone to being overweight if its diet is not monitored. The amount of food should depend on factors such as age or level of physical activity. On the other hand, the prizes must be rationed and left exclusively for training sessions. It is also important to be disciplined with the dog and not give him anything but water between meals. Common diseases are: heatstroke, herniated disc, contagious disease due to the presence of the CHIV virus, harder’s gland dislocation, congenital disease, lengthening of the soft palate, etc.

It is true that bulldog’s attitudes can be very curious, especially when he sits with an almost human posture and legs extended. On the other hand, it is necessary to clarify that due to its flattened features it is an animal that snores and emits noises when breathing.

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