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Interesting Facts about Bengal Cats

Although there are multiple reasons for the increase in demand for Bengal kittens for sale in Canada, but the Bengal Cats are very famous for its beautiful coat and its personality. They are not only smart and cunning, but also know very well how to crave attention. Once you adopt a Bengal Cat, you may rest assured that your life would never be boring and the below-mentioned facts would surely provide you important information related to this unique breed.

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Bengal Cats-

  1. The Bengal Cats have a wild DNA:

The foundation of Bengal Cats was created by crossbreeding of the Asian leopard cats with domestic cats. In the period of the 1980s, it was perfected by Jean Sudgen Mill and this cat has developed the temperament of a domestic cat.

  1. The Bengal Cats adore water:

Unlike the other cats, this particular breed simply loves playing and bathing with water. They would simply keep on drinking water from the tap if it is left open.

  1. They need entertainment:

The Bengal Cats are not lazy like the other cats. They are highly active, seek a lot of attention and love to play with various toys. Secondly, they know very well how to combat boredom.

  1. Bengal cats are excellent climbers and jumpers:

The Bengal cats can not only jump to three times the height of a human being, but also easily reach any shelf or ledge in your house by jumping. Apart from that, they are also excellent climbers.

  1. Bengal cats can learn tricks quickly:

Since the Bengal cats are highly intelligent and have a good IQ as well, they are the easiest cats to train and they also have the trend of getting trained quickly. For instance, it is very easy to teach them to play fetch and also switching on & off the lights of the house.

  1. Their coats glitter:

One of the most attractive qualities of Bengal cats is that there are incredibly soft, speckled or marbled coat. Their coats also come in a variety of colors and at times, they also inherit glitter gene that gives their coat an iridescent and bright look.

  1. They are cute and mischievous:

Are you unable to find your keys? These cute kittens are too smart and would hide these items behind the couch or any other place in the house to seek your attention.

  1. Bengal Cats love the leash:

Although several scratches may appear by putting the leash on the majority of the cats, but in the case of Bengal cats, it is very easy to leash train them despite being an adult.

  1. They love to talk:

Since this particular breed is very much vocal, they may be loud when they want something. Their meows are not only adorable but also fun to hear as well.

  1. Bengal Cats are affordable:

Although their price range differs and depends on its pedigree, still the Bengal cats are an affordable pet and does not cost too much.

Thus, Bengal cats are very much interesting and would surely be an active member of your family. In case you are planning to adopt one, you may get in touch for the best Bengal kittens for sale.

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