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Is it Safe for Cats to Have Mushrooms for Food?

For humans, mushroom is a delicious food with various recipes. It is not that home grown mushrooms, but veterinarians are concerned more on wild mushrooms. It can be a serious threat to our cats. If it is a botanical mushroom found on a discarded slice of pizza, are they safe for cats to eat? Can cats eat mushrooms? Mushrooms are not safe for cats to eat, but there is one exception. Store bought mushrooms may be fine for cats to consume in small amounts. It is best to avoid all mushrooms when it comes to your cat’s diet. Cats are obligate carnivores, which mean they require a meat-based diet. While they can eat some types of fruits and vegetables, they are not necessary for your cat’s daily nutritional needs.

Wild mushrooms

It is of no doubt that wild mushrooms are poisonous for cats. Wild mushrooms have various types of fungi and some of them will cause toxicity in cats. Although some fungi are not toxic, it is recommended to consider that any fungus that the cat ingests outdoors is considered toxic. We highly recommend that cats not eat wild mushrooms and recommends removing any signs of them in your yard.

What about store bought mushrooms?

If your cat eats a mushroom while snacking on a food forgotten by a forgetful human, there is no need to worry. Not all fungi are a threat to a cat. Store-bought mushrooms are generally not dangerous for your pet. However, button, shiitake or Portobello mushrooms can be given in very small amounts. It’s also important to make sure they’re cooked through, but skip the spices or seasonings. These can irritate your cat’s stomach.

What to do if your cat eats mushrooms?

If your cat has picked up some wild mushrooms, be aware of the following symptoms – vomiting, diarrhea, constricted students, slow heart beat, excessive salivation, lethargy, etc. If your cat exhibits any of these symptoms, seek veterinary assistance immediately. Not all foods that humans eat are suitable for cats. In fact, products that we eat on a daily basis can cause several health problems to these animals. And they can even lead to death when eaten in excessive amounts.

Cats want to eat mushrooms – why?

To understand why a cat might want to eat mushrooms, we need to understand how their taste buds work. Nutrition scientists have shown that cats cannot feel the sweetness, but they can catch the salty flavors. Mushroom contains glutamate, an amino acid. As for why cats might want to eat mushrooms, the answer is simply because they are tasty. Cats can grasp the flavors of this type with their taste buds, unlike sweeter foods.


In most cases, fungi are best avoided. The exception is a small amount of store bought mushrooms, which should be fine for your cat. Wild mushrooms can be extremely poisonous and cause health problems for your cat. When a wild mushroom is spotted in your garden, it is best to assume that it is toxic. If your cat ingests any type of fungus, it is best to call the vet immediately to seek professional treatment.

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