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Protecting Your Horse With Equine Insurance

For thousands of years, humans and horses have had a powerful bond. Whether horses are a hobby or your livelihood, you should have insurance to protect you and your animals in the event of a health crisis. Insurance policies are available for every situation you may encounter.

Major Medical Insurance

Horses have complex medical needs, and when an illness or injury strikes, there is no time to lose. However, emergency treatment is expensive. When facing a medical emergency, such as horse colic surgery Kaufman TX horse owners often worry about finances. Major medical insurance can cover the cost so your horse can receive life-saving treatment as quickly as possible.

Loss of Use Insurance

Horses perform many jobs, including riding, performing and competing in shows. If an injury or illness leaves your horse permanently unsound and unable to perform, loss of use insurance can reimburse you for a percentage of the animal’s value. The age limit for this coverage is generally lower than the limit for medical insurance, and the policy must specify the activities that your horse performs.

Some insurance companies take ownership of the horse when a loss of use policy pays out. Make sure you know the terms of the policy before purchasing loss of use insurance.

Stallion Infertility Insurance

Similar to loss of use coverage, this insurance, also called accident, sickness and disease (A, S and D) insurance, covers the value of your stallion if he becomes unable to breed due to injury or illness. Generally, this insurance pays the full value of the horse. There is no specialized infertility policy for broodmares, but you may be able to cover a broodmare under a loss of use policy.

Insurance is an essential part of horse ownership and care. Accidents and illnesses can result in unexpected expenses, but having the right insurance can help your horses receive the care they need and reduce your financial burden.

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