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Real Housewives of Dubai on Instagram

The Real Housewives franchise got a new international city when Bravo announced Dubai as the latest addition in November 2021. Fans were instantly drawn to the extravagant lives of Real Housewives of Dubai stars like Nina Ali, Sara Al Madani, Lesa Milan Hall, and Caroline Stanbury.

The show is known for its petty catfights and ostentatious lifestyle, but it also gives viewers an inside look into the glamorous lives of the rich (and famous). Whether you know about each of these reality stars or not, millions of Instagram followers throughout the world are actively paying attention to their daily posts.

Here are some ways to follow The Real Housewives of Dubai on Instagram.

Are the Real Housewives of Dubai on Instagram?

The Real Housewives of Dubai is the first international version of the Bravo series to hit the airwaves, and with it comes a new set of desert-dwelling ladies. From opulent social scenes to exclusive looks into their luxurious lives, there’s something for everyone to love about this new reality show.

Nina Ali, a lifestyle content creator who lives in Dubai with her husband Munaf Ali and three children, has a huge following on Instagram. She showcases her love for traveling and spending time with family on the platform.

She’s also a fashion designer and runs her own brand of maternity wear called Mina Roe Maternity, so she’s definitely not lacking in glamor. She’s not the most well-followed of the rumored Housewives on Instagram, but she’s one of the most interesting to look at and her fashion sense is worth checking out.

Which Reality Housewives Use Instagram

If you’re a fan of the Real Housewives franchise then you already know how glamorous life can be in Dubai. From stunning skylines, supercars, luxurious yachts and designer boutiques, to dazzling diamonds and a whole lot of gold, the city is a playground for luxury.

The new series is introducing viewers to an entirely new group of reality stars, including the self-described “real estate powerhouse” Caroline Brooks. As a result, it’s likely that fans will be following her Instagram account to get a first glimpse of her life in the UAE.

Nina Ali, also known as ‘Lipstick Mommy’, is the most popular Housewife on Instagram with over 521,000 followers. She lives in Dubai with her husband Munaf and shares pictures of herself, their children, and her upscale fruit cake business on her Instagram.

Where to Follow Real Housewives of Dubai on IG

If you’re a fan of The Real Housewives of Dubai, you may be excited about the rumors that the next location for Bravo’s franchise is Dubai. The city has a reputation for its ostentatious lifestyle and is home to one of the most expensive real estate markets in the world.

According to Starcasm, the show will be starring a group of women from Dubai’s high society. They include former reality star Caroline Stanbury from Bravo’s “Ladies of London,” Sara Al Madani, Nina Ali, Lesa Milan Hall and Chanel Ayan.

Ayan is a model and has modeled for Mina Roe Maternity, the maternity clothing brand she founded. She shares photos of her modeling career and other fashion-related content on her Instagram.

Trending Hashtags Related to Real Housewives

If you’re looking for a good old fashion boost to your IG score, try using one of these hashtags in your next post. The most popular ones are #RHOD and #RHOCheshire, but you can use any of the others to see what’s trending amongst your friends and foes.

To get the most out of your new found Instagram hashtags, try using a mix of the big three (#RHOD, #RHOCheshire and #RHOB) and some of the smaller sized ones to see what works best for you! The aforementioned hashtags are also the best places to find out what your friends and foes are up to. You can also follow them on Instagram by clicking on their names in the top left corner of the screen or tagging them in your posts!

Bravo TV Instagram Summary

Bravo’s new international spinoff The Real Housewives of Dubai will give fans an insight into the lifestyles of wealthy women in the UAE. The show is set to premiere on Wednesday, June 1.

It will feature six successful women who are ready to entertain viewers with their lavish lifestyle and challenging friendships. Among them are Chanel Ayan, Nina Ali, Caroline Stanbury, Lesa Milan, Sarah Al Madani, and Caroline Brooks.

The Boston-born Brooks is a proud first generation American and Afro-Latina with an appetite for business that is larger than life. She is the owner of The Glass House Dubai and a luxury salon and spa.

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