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The French bulldog puppy: Your ideal companion in a small apartment

The French bulldog, also known as Frenchie, conquered legions of fans for its crumpled face. This breed is very loyal to its owners and is a great company for those who live alone or have small children at home. The blue frenchies for sale are affectionate, love to play and need little exercise and care. It can be a little stubborn at first and require a firm hand when training, but with the right dose of patience to understand the routine of the house, it learns how to behave.

Frenchie colors

The main coat color of the French bulldog is Fawn (a shade close to caramel, which varies from reddish to darker). Despite this, there are several other color variations for the breed. Some of these are spotted fawn (brindle), white with spots or brindle, black with spots or brindle, or completely black. The Club recognizes not all French bulldog colors, which is the institution responsible for determining the breed standard internationally. The breed’s original colors are fawn (may have white spots) and brindle (both light and dark).

French bulldog temperament

The French bulldog’s original role is as a companion dog. They were bred to be good companions, and this influences their temperament to this day. That is why the breed demands a lot of attention, interactions and contact with its owner. They are very dependent and, if they do not receive the necessary dedication, they can develop disorders such as separation anxiety.

The French bulldog is intelligent, but it can be a bit stubborn: it requires patience during training. They love to please their owners, so once they learn to act a certain way or discover a new trick, they will repeat it to cheer their owners up. The breed also prefers slower paces as they do not have as much energy. As part of the group of breeds with brachycephalic syndrome (because of the flattened snout and other changes in its anatomy), the French bulldog suffers from breathing difficulties, which also limit physical activities.

French bulldog with kids, strangers and other animals

The French bulldog is a great companion for children. The breed is very affectionate and develops a protective instinct towards the little ones, which means that it will always protect them. Frenchie dogs are also usually very sociable with humans and other animals, as long as contact with people and dogs are encouraged from an early age. As he loves to play and is very affectionate, the French bulldog makes friends (human or canine) easily.


The French bulldog emerged in England in the 19th century as a descendant of the English bulldog, a very common breed in the country at that time. Anyone who dreams of having a Frenchie puppy has a common question. How much does a French bulldog cost? The price can vary from $1,200 to $5,000 — the value is based on the price of puppies of the breed on the main sales sites in the country. Before deciding to buy a dog, remember that there are many animals abandoned on the streets or rescued by NGOs looking for a loving family. Adopting is all-good.

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