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The most common problems with your dog’s skin: all of them are preventable

Anyone who has a bulldog at home is well aware that their health requires extra care and should only use top quality French Bulldog Products. Whether it is the Frenchie dog (French type), or the English type, the truth is that it is necessary to keep an eye on the welfare of the animal. As we know that your best 4-legged friend deserves all your affection, and attention, this is the perfect motto for our article – to be aware of the common skin allergies in Dogs.

The first and most common: Allergy

Champion of complaints in veterinary practices, allergies to flea bites usually appear where the animal cannot scratch such as the back of the thighs, upper back, and base of the tail. In these places it is possible to see fleas, and skin irritation can change the color of the skin, which varies from red to gray. Hair loss in this region is quite common.

The second most problem: Ringworm

Well-known fungi are often opportunistic. The microorganism, present in objects, and even in the soil, finds fertile ground in environments of poor hygiene, and humidity. Young animals, whose defense is still in formation, tend to be the most affected. One of the most common ways to develop mycoses is through the moldy hair that leaves the area without adequate oxygenation, which is bad for the health of the skin.

The third disease: Scabies

There are different types of scabies such as demodectic, sarcoptic, and otodectic. The frequent itching brings its complications, and there come fungi, and other bacterial infections. The easiest way to be transmitted scabies is through the contact of the sick animal with the healthy one, and this is true for humans. Scabies must be diagnosed with the aid of complementary tests such as skin scraping.

The most common, fourth: Dermatitis

Caused by bacteria, bacterial infection can be a side effect of stinging, and frantic itching that scarify the skin and favor contamination. However, the presence of pus in the skin is something that needs to be investigated by a veterinarian to initiate the appropriate treatment, and prevent new infections. Another dermatitis is called atopic, a hypersensitivity presents to a certain agent that can be organic, chemical or physical such as carpet, rugs, dust, etc.

So, here are the basic details which you need to know. The list doesn’t end here. This is why you must know the 5 common skin allergies in dogs completely preventable.

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