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The State of Dog Walking and Pet Walking Service in 2020

Whether people are just entering into dog walking and pet sitting industry or they were here a long time ago, there is a chance that they are wondering about the state of these industries and where it is headed. People might wonder if all business is the same.

The owners might be wondering if they are charging and making enough money, as well as how they measure up with the industry standard. Whatever the case might be, experts see a significant change happening that no one is talking about.

Consumers are starting to change: From baby boomers to post-Millennials

According to industry experts, owners are spending more or less $90 million on their pets. When this trade is still starting, the surge was from the older generation or the “Baby Boomers,” now, it is beginning to transition from baby boomers to post-Millennials or the Generation Z. It is a crucial change that is necessary for pet-care business owners to take notice and acknowledge.

Buyer habits and behaviors have changed with modern technology, and independent dog walkers and sitters need to be aware of. Did you know than in the United States, three-fourths of 30 years-old adults and below have pets? While American adults might have some doubts about whether to have children or not, as pet professionals know, dogs or cats are usually their first children of many couples before settling down and having a human child.

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Consequently, this is a massive market share that does not like to wait for a response, does not want to talk on the phone, or loves to do everything on their laptops or mobile phones. Passive websites are starting to get extinct, and the buyer journey needs include customers as active participants.

It is a significant point that people need to understand. There is a massive change in the way society do research and buy food or avail services. Every business owner related to the trade should reflect on – how they can shift to this massive change.

There are a lot of dog walking and pet sitting business to choose from

One quick visit to the Internet, and you will see that there are a lot of dog walking and sitting businesses all over the United States that is up for grabs. It seems like people will have a front-row seat because a lot of investors are willing to show everyone about the trade. This trend will continue in the future for a lot of reasons.

With big companies making a massive splash, some small companies are starting to roll over and give up on their businesses. These small companies do not have confidence in surviving the industry and competing with established names.

The industry is starting to blow up. Both dog walking and sitting industries are no longer in their infancy stage, like what it looks like way back in 2002. Small shops already gained a lot of experience and online presence. Some owners that started 10 or 20 years ago are already starting to get out, and because of this, they are not starting to sell.

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The industry is starting to gain traction, and it will only get bigger over time. Investors see this trend and are willing to take $50,000 to $200,000 out of their pocket to buy a business that they know will make them tons of money in two to three years.

Dog walking and pet sitting business owners are looking to scale as fast as they can. The best way to do this is to acquire other shops or companies. It is how big startups are doing it.

Dog walking and pet sitting industries are growing by the minute, and it is not slowing down

We have never seen businesses in this industry scale so fast in the ten years. It is pretty incredible how many investors are acquiring smaller shops, companies, or lateral firms to add to their growing empire. Investors are accomplishing this in different ways:

It is quite exciting to see individuals hiring at least a couple of staff at a time instead of just hiring one worker at a time, and reacting to open positions they have in their firm. For instance, if pet sitters in Raleigh can’t cover all their customers, they either need to outsource some of their clients to nearby shops or just hire more people to accommodate the growing numbers of jobs.

Another change that is happening today is that when individuals move out of their old shops, they keep their old shops and run it remotely while they are busy with their newly opened shops. Another change most investors are doing is that they do not relocate, but instead, they open up new firms to expand their empire. It is fascinating to see that all business is starting to flourish despite what doubters might say about this industry.


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