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Tips for Proper Hoof Care Pet

Horses need healthy hooves to stay active and maintain a proper quality of life. Various conditions can affect hoof growth and strength, however, so it is important that you take the steps necessary to protect your horse’s hooves in order to keep them healthy and strong. These tips can help you keep up with proper hoof care and corrective techniques that might be needed.

It’s OK To Go Barefoot

There is a common assumption that shoes are necessary for all horses, but that simply isn’t true. In many cases and with proper hoof care Denver CO, it is perfectly fine for horses to go barefoot. They will still need to have a trim and shaping about once a month, and it’s a good idea to find someone who understands about keeping feet balanced naturally without shoes. 

Shoes Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Speaking of balanced feet, if you do decide to go with shoes, it is important that you use the right ones. Think of your own footwear when making this decision. Just like you wouldn’t wear dress shoes to the gym or leave orthotic inserts out for a run if you needed it for support, you shouldn’t expect your horse to perform her best with improper shoes. 

Talk to your farrier about different types, materials and sizes of shoes. Factors such as terrain, type of work your horse does and any health concerns can all affect which ones you eventually go with. 

Therapeutic Shoes Can Safely Correct Problems

Some horses need specialized care when it comes to their feet. Luckily, the right shoe can provide relief from some common concerns. There are designs that can help relieve discomfort in feet and joints, support problem areas and relieve minor gait or stability issues.

The choices you make regarding shoes and trimming can affect the health of your horse’s feet. Keeping them clean and trimmed is a good start. If you go with shoes, be sure to choose ones that are suitable for the work your horse routinely performs. 

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