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Use Activated Charcoal to Remove Odours Around the Home

Today, increasing numbers of people are opting to use activated charcoal around the house. Different from the charcoal used in a grill, this type of product is perfect for a number of uses, including odour control. No matter what odours are floating around the house, using activated charcoal can eliminate them. Some of the ways to use activated charcoal around the home for odour control include the following.

Remove Smells in the Refrigerator

Small sachets can be placed in the refrigerator to help eliminate common odours. Loose activated charcoal or sticks can also be used, though it is best to have it in some type of container for easy cleaning and replacement. The activated charcoal will work harder to remove the odours from the fridge and studies have shown that it works better than the baking soda many people already use.

Eliminate Musty Smells in Closets

Over time, closets tend to develop a musty smell. One of the best ways to eliminate this smell is by using activated charcoal. A small amount can be placed in an inconspicuous spot in the closet and the musty smell will disappear. Keep more by the laundry baskets to help reduce or eliminate their odour, as well.

Use While Painting the Home

Everyone knows what fresh paint inside the home smells like. Paint gives off VOCs as it dries, which causes a strong smell. Though this does dissipate on its own, it’s not something that’s safe to breathe in, so care must be taken to remove it from the room. Activated charcoal works well to capture VOCs and can help reduce the odour faster. This means it won’t be as long before it’s safe to enter the room and start using it again.

Place Near Litter Boxes

Cats can be amazing companions, but their litter boxes often smell. Even if they’re cleaned out frequently and the litter used is designed to help trap odours, there will be some smells. Activated charcoal can help eliminate these smells. Use a litter additive to make it easy to eliminate the smells from the litter box. Just a little bit will go a long way and it can be replaced whenever the litter box is cleaned, so it will continue helping.

Add to Air Filters

When buying new air filters for use in the home, check out ones made with activated charcoal. Though standard filters do help remove some of the odours in the home, ones that are made with activated charcoal will do a better job. There are a variety of sizes available, so it can be easy to find the right filter for any HVAC system and start seeing better results.

Have you been wondering how to get rid of the smells around your home that just seem to stay no matter how much you clean? There are options that can help, like activated charcoal. Available as a cloth, in sachets, in loose pieces, and in other forms, it’s easy to start using activated charcoal around the house and get rid of the odours for good. Check out CharcoalHouse.com now to learn more.

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