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What is the best Chewy pet food combined with homemade food?

The dog should always have fresh water.

This is especially true for those owners who feed the pet with dry Chewyfood on Bestdogfood.expert. Place the bowl of water on the stand as well. Don’t substitute more valuable ingredients with less valuable ones. For example, you can’t give more cereals, saving on meat or replace it with vegetables. This is understandable, but based on my own experience, not everyone.

Missed feeding your pet Chewy food?

If one meal has been missed, whatever the reason, then the dog’s food portion cannot be increased for the next meal from best Chewy pet food brands. Feed the same amount as you usually give.

How do you know if your dog is hungry?

 If your dog eats all the food and licks the bowl clean, be sure to increase the meal a little the next time. Soon you will find a “sweet spot” – you will provide enough Chewy pet food. Do not overdo it, otherwise the dog will gain excess weight, you will have to walk it longer and more actively in order to lose the accumulated grams-kilograms. If, after the meal, food remains in the bowl, then you should slightly reduce the portion next time.

The Chewydiet should be varied.

However, if the dog prefers one specific product to all other Chewyfoods (for example, he loves beef more than chicken or fish), then it would be more logical to stop giving less loved foods for a week or two or even a month. After the break, she will like the new menu better. Be careful with active walking. Do not feed your dog two hours before strenuous physical activity and one hour before a regular walk. It is also not recommended to feed the animal for at least an hour after physical activity. There were cases when careless owners lost their dogs forever after feeding them after a busy walk.

What vitamins does a dog need?

A separate article has been written about this about the most essential vitamins for dogs and what foods they contain. What to feed the dogs with? So, it’s time to explain specifically what is the best way to feed the dogs. An acceptable natural food diet for dogs should be 30-50% meat, 25-35% cereals, 20-30% dairy products, and about 15% vegetables. Ideally, of course, the diet should contain more meat and dairy products. Cereals and vegetables only serve as a supplement to the Chewydiet. Thus, the dog should receive 50-70% of meat (or fish) per day, 30% -40% of dairy products, 10-20% of vegetables and up to 10-15% of cereals. It turns out that not everyone can afford to feed a dog like this, however, when taking a dog, one should expect in advance that it is a predatory animal, and they rarely eat vegetables and cereals in natural conditions.

Note. You don’t have to give dairy products every day – it’s okay if you miss a day or two. Instead, put in more meat, offal, etc.

It is important. Do not feed dairy products with meat or vegetables in one feeding. Milk products are fed separately, and meat is fed separately raw or mixed with vegetables, a tablespoon of sunflower oil is added, seasoned with herbs and “served”.

Meat for feeding an older dog

Can dogs eat raw meat? In its raw form, the dog needs to be fed meat only thawed, that is, in advance, put the meat in the freezer for 2-3 days, then defrost and feed it. Or, instead of freezing, you can pour boiling water over the meat or boil it until half cooked in porridge or plain water. If you trust the seller and constantly buy from him, then the meat can be given without any processing. In general, everything here is only on trust.

For one kilogram of dog’s weight, you need 15-25 grams of meat. The amount of meat fed depends on the weight of the animal, activity, age, etc. For example, an adult cocker spaniel weighing 13kg needs 250-300 grams of meat per day an olderGerman shepherd needs 600-800 grams per day. See Orijen senior dog food review on website. An approximate ratio is given, since only based on your own experience of feeding, you can determine the amount of meat for a pet.

What kind of meat should you feed your dog?

 Lean beef is the main meat product in the diet. Minced meat is not entirely suitable for food, and pork is not allowed for a dog in any form, but rabbit meat, lamb and horse meat – it can be in view of their high calorie content. It is a good idea to feed the dog with animal by-products (liver, heart, etc.), but then there should be almost half more of them than meat. Chicken, turkey, their by-products and poultry meat are generally best given based on the reaction to these products of the dog’s body. Most will like them, but animals with a weak digestive system can have problems.

 Do not neglect feeding offal. Liver, heart, rumen, chicken necks, stomachs and so on. Meals with the use of offal are cheaper, however, replacing the name of meat at all is of little use. When preparing porridge for a dog, put a third of the meat in the porridge towards the end of cooking, and feed the rest of the meat raw. It depends on what the dog prefers.

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