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What is the right way to walk your dog?

Walking a dog in a metropolis is a test for both the owner and the pet. So that, We will discuss here how to walk with your pet correctly, that this process was safe, useful and interesting.


Depending on the character, temperament and learned skills, each pet reacts differently to what he sees on the street. The first thing I advise you to pay attention to the dog handler is how your dog is brought up. The dog must know and follow the minimum set of commands.

– The animal must be ready for walking in a noisy or crowded place. The dog should react unquestioningly to the commands “To me”, “Fu” or “No”. One day it can save her life, for example, if she plays and runs out on the road, warns the dog handler.

As the specialist noted, it often happens that pets perform the commands at home “perfectly,” but once you go out for a walk, not a trace remains of the former obedience. The fact is that on the street the dog encounters additional stimuli that prevent it from concentrating on the owner’s commands. 

As a rule, yelling at a pet and other types of punishment do not bring any result, but only frighten the animal more. The specialist advises training the dog to respond to commands, first in quiet places, and then take it for walks in noisier places. 

You will need treats to exercise effectively, so bring some food with you. When the dog realizes that he can get the coveted piece only when he fulfils the command, then he will respond to it faster. Over time, it will be possible for your pet to go to noisier places.

Treat your dog for ticks

The animal must be ready not only for noise but also for meeting viruses, bacteria and parasites. As noted by the veterinarian Arkady Nikolaevich Vladimirov, it is important for this to be vaccinated during the time, as well as to treat the dog with ticks.

– Do not underestimate the influence of these insects. The mite can be found anywhere there are lawns and small shrubs. These arthropods cause Lyme disease, infect animals with ehrlichiosis and piroplasmosis. Finding a tick in a dog’s thick coat is not easy. Usually, the “wrong” owners find out when the animal shows severe symptoms of infection. To avoid being bitten, attention must be paid to prevention. Various drops, sprays or tablets will come to the rescue. Your veterinarian will help you choose the right product and calculate the required dosage, ” said Arkady Vladimirov.

How long does it take to walk the dog?

Each animal has its walking norm. Walking large and active dogs, such as a husky, should last at least 2 hours. For pets of smaller and decorative breeds, the time spent outdoors should be reduced to an hour.

The number of walks also depends on the size and age of the dog. Puppies up to seven months old should be walked at least 4 times a day. As for an adult dog, then it is enough to go out with him 2 times.

The animal needs a walk not only to satisfy its natural needs, notes the dog handler Arkady Marchenko. Without regular walks, the animal can become aggressive or, conversely, too shy, and in addition, lack of physical activity can lead to health problems for the pet.

Therefore, in addition to going to the toilet, the walk should include jogging for about ten minutes, interacting with other dogs, playing with the owner, as well as training new teams and reinforcing old ones. This is an approximate scheme, the expert notes, it is better to select the time and routine of each walk individually, based on the characteristics of the character, age and breed of the dog.

Clean up after the dog

The owner is obliged to remove the pet’s waste products in public places. The norm is regulated by law, failure to comply will result in a fine of up to 2,000 rubles.

Observe the walking routine

Experts advise to follow the walking schedule and walk outside with the dog at about the same time. However, it is important to pay attention to the weather. Under the scorching sun, the animal can overheat, especially for puppies, elderly dogs and pets with dark fur. 

In summer, it is better to postpone walks in the morning or evening. Most dogs tolerate winter frosts well, except for short-haired and decorative breeds. For walking, they should purchase a jumpsuit or a cape that will not hinder movement. It is also important to protect your pet’s paws from reagents in winter. To do this, generously smear the paw pads with special creams or use winter shoes for dogs.

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