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What To Look For In A Pet Sitter’s Profile?

If you are looking for pet sitting services such as walks for your dog or house visits, it is important to choose a pet sitter that is perfectly suited to your needs. But what should you look for in a sitter’s profile? How can you be sure you have chosen the most reliable sitter for your pet? There are several important elements in sitter profiles and we compiled a shortlist for you. And if you want to become a sitter or improve your profile, follow these requirements.

A Good Sitter

A good pet sitter tries to show off their personality through the photo gallery. These photos can portray him playing with animals or walking dogs or even give the idea of ​​the environment in which the animal will stay. Pet sitters who offer daily grooming services can show the environment where the dog might stay. For example, you can post photos of local parks or dog areas in the neighborhood. In short: the image gallery makes you understand a lot about a person and what to expect.

Detailed Description

A detailed description explains who the pet sitter is and why they chose to take care of the animals. Where does this passion come from? It should exemplify the sitter’s personality and the pet sitting location. If you are looking for the perfect pet sitter, it is important that its main characteristics are already described in the profile description. For example, experience with animals should be showcased. Potential customers might ask these questions, which should be included in the detailed description:

  • Does the sitter have their own pets?
  • What is your opinion on training and education?
  • Have you attended courses or volunteered at shelters?

There is plenty of room in the profile to talk about work, hobbies, and other personal details as well. You are looking for a babysitter for your puppy and so it is important to know more about the person including the character!

Describing Services

At the beginning of each profile, you will find the services offered by the sitter. Next to the services, there should be related prices. The description could detail specific services: how long does pet sitting last?  How often and for how long will the sitter walk the dogs? Many sitters will also specify what types of pets they accept. Maybe, it could be only small dogs, or just vaccinated animals. Some will have more experience with anxious or aggressive animals, while others will look for animals that are “easier” to handle. So make sure that the sitter’s profile matches your personality, but also that of your pet!

Choose the Right Sitter

Whatever service you are looking for, whether continuous or occasional, it is essential to have the peace of mind that you have chosen the right person to rely on. Do you have a good connection, and does the animal have to? Perfect! Do you have doubts or are you not entirely sure that the sitter can meet all the requirements?

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