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What Type of Furniture Should You Purchase to Make Your House Pet-Proof?

Pets are cute little or sometimes big creatures that make your day. They are adorable and make you feel better and complete every day. But, keeping a pet in the house can get pretty difficult at the time. As we all know, pets turn notorious sometimes and that can cause a lot of damage. Especially if you have dogs and cats in your house, you need to have dog and cat furniture that would cause you less damage but still look gorgeous.

So, buckle up, take a note and decide on all the pet-friendly furniture you are planning to take.

Pet Proof Furniture

More than type, you need to focus on the design of the furniture. A few hacks on the covers will also help you more. So, let’s take a look at a few dogs and cat furniture.

  • Shelves

Make sure to choose shelves that are highly placed attached to the wall. Choose scratch-proof material. Rather than wood, go for rugs. Design the shelves in such a way that the pets can rest upon them. Do not place anything on these shelves.

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  • Sofa

The most favorite place for a pet is to be seated on the sofa. But, the sharp nails of the pet can pretty well destroy would beautiful sofa. In such cases invest in scratch-proof material. Also, you can style your sofa a little by throwing a piece of fine rug on the sofa. It can play a double role in styling your sofa plus protecting it from the sharp nails of your tiny cute pet.

  • Cable and Electrical Appliances Stands

When it comes to TV stands, make sure you choose one which is completely attached to the wall. Pets love doodling with the wires and it can prove very dangerous. So wall attached stands ensure that the pet does not get access to the wires. Also, it would be better if you had a door on the TV shelves.

  • Invest in a Kitchen Door

Pets on entering the kitchen can mess it up. So, ensure to have a kitchen door when you have pets at home. These doors will keep them away from entering the kitchen. They would learn discipline in the go.


The above were a few small little changes that you can make in your regular furniture to make it pet friendly. So be it anything in the house, now you know your things can stay safe even if you have notorious pets in your house. Contact your carpenter now and build yourself a special dog and cat furniture.

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