At first glance, you might miss the amazingness of the Black Solider Fly. Despite what you may think about them, Black Solider Fly are gaining a lot of popularity, mostly as a savior for a brewery and aquaculture industry, but also as the best food for your pet reptile. 

Many choose reptiles as a pet over the popular choices like dogs and cats. It might be because pet reptiles require less care, and you do not have to spend a lot of time to make them feel comfortable.  

Why Calcium Is Important

When it comes to the dietary requirement for the Reptilian-pets, a lack of a calcium-rich diet becomes a problem. In a terrarium, absorbing calcium from the food becomes hard for the reptiles as they do not get enough UVB light, as they use to when out-in-open under the sun. 

Calcium is vital for bones, metabolism, and muscle function, making its intake necessary to supports the healthy growth of your pet reptile. Lack of calcium can lead to the condition known as Hypocalcemia, in which a reptile can suffer from muscle twitches and lethargy. 

Reason Hypocalcemia Arises In Reptiles

  • Your Reptile needs vitamin D to absorb the calcium from their food, for which they need an ample amount of sunlight for UVB light absorption UVB light absorbed by the skin of a Reptile, which is essential for the production of Vitamin D, which your pet does not get in the terrarium
  • Lack Of Calcium-Rich Food You Provide Them 

That is the reason you need to provide your reptile pets with calcium supplements. Introducing Black Solider Fly larvae as a food source can help your pet to avoid the condition of Hypocalcemia, as Black Solider Fly larvae are high in calcium. 

How Black Solider Fly Helps

The Common Reptilian Pet is the bearded dragon. Due to its docile temperament and exotic features, many prefer it as the perfect choice for a pet. The Reptilian-Pet needs a calcium supplement for their healthy growth. You might be providing them common insects and mealworms as their meal, but the problem is they are not a good source of calcium. 

If you are looking for reptiles for sale online, you should check Instead of feeding mealworm to your Bearded Dragon, you can feed your pet reptiles Black Solider Fly Larvae as they are high in calcium. It contains about 80% more calcium than the mealworms and common insects.

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