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Why German Shepherds Make Great Companion Dogs

When choosing a companion dog, the German Shepherd is one of the best breeds you could choose. These dogs are fiercely loyal, intelligent and healthy dogs. Here are some reasons why they can make the perfect family companion animal.

Family Means Everything to Them

AKC German Shepherd breeders Florida dog owners trust provide dogs to families who need a companion. When you train your pup, it can be one of the best family dogs. Given their amount of loyalty, they will always look out for the family as a whole. When you socialize a dog with the family, it will thrive as a part of the pack. It is important to socialize early or the dog may not know how to behave around the group.

Loyalty Is a Major Trait for Them

One of the main qualities German Shepherds are known for is their loyalty. German Shepherds are often used as police and military dogs. This is because they show loyalty to their colleagues and will help and protect the members of their pack. When it comes to man’s best friend, a German Shepherd really fits the bill.

Active Lifestyles Help Them Thrive

If you have an active lifestyle, then odds are you’ll want a dog that can match your energy. A German Shepherd can handle all types of weather due to their double coat. They are also a powerful dog that loves to run. If you’re an outdoorsy person, then the German Shepherd is the perfect companion. You can expect to walk about 45 to 60 minutes minimum a day when you have a high-energy dog like this.

German Shepherds are perfect companions for families. They can help encourage you to live an active lifestyle, will be loyal to your family and are a valuable part of the pack.

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