You might have found yourself making use of the common phrase “Stop barking” quite often. Finding a dog barking at a louder note for a longer period might probably even annoy. You might wish at that moment if somebody could help you by telling me how to stop a dog from barking.

First of all, it is important to understand why the dog is barking. A few reasons may be as follows:

This could be:

  • Fear
  • Loneliness
  • Threat
  • Interest

So, they bark to gain the attention of the owner due to any of the reasons. So, it is important to understand what they exactly wish to express. Even at times, to protect their territory, they start barking. The presence of the owner makes them feel safe and secured and away from all the possible threats. Even at times out of excitement, they start barking. You have often come across this situation. Suppose, you are out of home and the time you enter the gate, the dog started barking out of love.

Tips to prevent barking of your dog?

Once you have domesticated a dog, you need to work and properly train him. Making use of suitable strategies will give you good results. Some of them include –

Proper Training

There are many guides available, which make use of positive reinforcement techniques. Making use of them will be beneficial. However, loud voices should not be used as it will prove to be detrimental for the training purpose.

Bark Collars

Making use of e-collars or barking collars is considered as the best tool which prevents the dog from making a loud noise. It creates some vibrations which act as a stimulus, distracting the dog from barking.

Dog Barking Triggers

One can even find out all the reasons which cause your dog to bark. Finding out all the triggering reasons will certainly help you in rectifying the puppies from barking.

Giving rewards and coercion are regarded as the secrets which would probably stop the dogs from unnecessary barking. So, it is always regarded as a good way of training pet dogs to stop barking. Unnecessarily scaring the dog might make him unhappy. This might create many other probable problems for the owners. Dogs are always considered as faithful and best friends for all humans. Hence, they should even be treated with the same love.  

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