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How To Choose a Puppy for Your Home

A dog can be a valuable asset to any home. Not only is a dog an amiable companion, but he can also be your family’s protector as well. If you need a dog who excels in both roles, the German Shepherd dog is for you. Now that you know which breed to pursue, you need to know how to choose the right Bully Puppies for Sale

Signs of Good Health

Getting a healthy puppy should be your greatest concern when you are choosing from among all the champion breed German Shepherd puppies. When you want to know how healthy a puppy is, start with the overall body condition; puppies are normally a bit plump. Eyes should be bright and clear. The nose should be moist with no thick discharge present. 

Signs of Good Temperament

Evaluating temperament is important in determining which dog is right for you. In any litter you may find a bully or a wallflower. Neither of these types makes a good companion. The best choice is the puppy that is neither too assertive nor too timid. He will be highly trainable and trustworthy. The human-animal bond is strong between an owner and a well-mannered dog. 

Signs of Good Conformation

While health and temperament are important factors in determining a quality puppy, good conformation should not be overlooked. Every breed has a recognized standard, describing such traits as haircoat color, average height and weight. Purebred dogs are measured against that standard. You will want to choose a puppy that most closely resembles the ideal.

The addition of a dog to your home is a decision that requires thorough consideration. Follow these steps to make the right choice. You will be rewarded with a lifetime of loyal companionship. While it is true that dogs require considerable care, there is no limit to the joy they bring in return. 

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