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How to Keep Your Dogs Cool During Summer

Just like humans, pets can be gravely affected by the heat during the summer, and pet owners should take care to ensure that they are safe. The same way you wouldn’t leave a child in a hot vehicle, it’s the same way you shouldn’t leave your dog’s kennel exposed to the sun. Even the material it is built from can generate more heat than the poor canine can bear, making custom dog kennels a great idea. 

From building taller ceilings on the kennel to installing cage fans, there are many ways to keep your pet cool during the warmer months. Here are a few of them:

Place Dog Houses in a Shady Area

If you have a dog house outside in your yard, move it to a shady spot, but keep in mind how the sun moves during the day, so make sure it isn’t in direct sunlight at any time. During the day, you may need to shift the kennel or dog house around to take advantage of trees or even install a canopy to keep things cooler.

Change the Material and Color of the Kennel Roof

Dark colors, according to scientists, absorb and heat up more quickly. Your dog could be dangerously overheating this summer if your kennel and dog home has a dark roof. Based on this, you might want to consider changing the roof color and materials to something that will help cool the kennel down more effectively, such as whites and pastels. Building custom dog kennels will save you the headache of incorporating these kinds of changes later.

Attach Dog Cage Fans to the Dog House

Small fans that hook into the bars of a dog home or box are available. If necessary, you can even acquire ones that will stand up and point into the smaller kennel. They’re easy to utilize and distribute the air in a heated kennel or cage, maintaining a cool temperature in the dog kennel during the summer. You may also purchase a free-standing fan to place in front of the dog house or kennel and point it around to get the best ventilation. 

Place a Small Portable Pool Near the Kennel

When it becomes too hot outside, dogs prefer to cool themselves in the water, and there’s no better way to do so than by sinking their bellies into some cool water. With a baby pool, you can let them do that.

This summer, your dog can cool off from their dog kennel by hopping into a tiny paddling pool. You can get a c

Incorporate Air Vents Into the Doghouse

Placing air vents in your dog’s kennel may not be doable for many people because it is a permanent fix, but adding air vents to your dog’s house can help keep it cool in the summer.

You may also buy a ventilated dog house, or even better, get custom dog kennels that will meet all your specifications and ensure your pet stays safe and healthy throughout the hot months.

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