The time is finally here. You are getting a dog! That is going to be so much fun around the house. But a dog also requires some preporation. You’ll want to doggy-proof the house, and make sure that you’ve got whatever you’ll need. But how do you know what you’ll need, if you’ve never had a dog before? Luckily, pet stores like Vetsend, are here to help you. So that you won’t forget anything, and have everything you need to welcome your little friend to his new home. To get you started, we have listed three of the most important categories down below.

Dog food and treats

There obviously needs to be food in the house when the dog arrives. But it can be a little daunting to see all the different dog foods in the grocery store. Which one do you choose? No worries. Take a look at the packaging and check the nutritional benefits. And then just choose the one that sounds good to you. The only real way to see what your dog will lke best, is by trying out different types of food. And you’ll need to start somewhere. Same thing goes for the treats. There are so many options to choose from, like chew sticks, cookies and bones. But your dog will quickly show you which ones he likes.

Dog collars and leashes

One of the most important things your dog will need is a quality collar and leash. Ergonomic collars are the number one choice here. They’ll make sure that your dog will not get harmed if it’s pulling on its leash. Another option is choosing a harness, which will essentially do the same thing. Ensuring that your dog is comfortable and will not get hurt is super important here. And please do not forget to add a little identity tag to the collar. Just in case.

Dog toys

And obviously, we couldn’t make a list without mentioning dog toys. Because, yes, toys are super important. Dogs get stimulation from playing with toys, and it gives them a sense of security and home. Please do not bother immediately purchasing a million toys at once. Instead try out some different types of toys. Like: chewing toys, fetching toys, puzzles and dog balls. You can always expend your collection later, once you’ve noticed which toys your dog likes best. And, for your own sanity, please think about which toys are easy to clean and almost impossible to rip apart.

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