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You Should Know About the Diet of Your Pet Cats

A lot of people know that cats are obligate carnivores, which means that most of their diet should be made of protein and fats. However, small amounts of carbs are okay so long as they do not come from sources such as wheat or corn.

But can cats eat tomatoes? Are tomatoes safe for cats? We are answering all of these questions and more in today’s post, so keep on reading.


Why you should avoid feeding tomatoes to your cat

Pet guardians are often tempted to feed their animal companions the same food that they eat, but the truth is that both cats and dogs are not designed to process the same foods that our bodies have no problem digesting.

Its one thing to give your cat a supplement of turmeric for cats or salmon oil for a good omega-3 addition every once in a while, but it’s completely another to add vegetables, fruit, or legumes to your cat’s weekly diet.

Unripe tomatoes, as well as their leaves and stems, are effectively toxic for pets, whether cats or dogs. Tomatoes (as well as potatoes, which they are related to) contain a substance called solanine, but the latter is not as dangerous as another thing they contain, called tomatine.

Ripe tomatoes are safer than unripe ones, but they still should not make a good part of your feline friend’s diet.

Reasons cats should not eat tomatoes


Some cats can be allergic to a variety of veggies and fruit, and you can never know whether your specific cat is unless you give her a small amount of that food.

The truth is that the likelihood of your feline companion to be allergic to something that she is not supposed to eat is much higher than the chance of her being allergic to fish or some particular type of protein, for example.

Pesticides or weed killers

Not all tomatoes are created equal. Bio and eco-friendly varieties or those that you can get from the Farmer’s Market are a lot safer compared to those that you can get from the supermarket and that aren’t marketed as being pesticide-free.

Pesticides, weed killers, and preservatives are anything but healthy for both animals and humans. We do not know the extent to which they can affect our bodies or those of our pets, but it’s pretty clear that they have been linked with cancer cases in the past. So unless you grow your own tomatoes and use only natural substances like neem oil as insect killers, tomatoes are not safe to feed to your cat.

They might cause digestive issues

While it might be true that tomatoes do not contain high amounts of fiber so they might not necessarily be at the root of specific digestive distress cases such as constipation, they are still not made for cats.

Some of the healthiest fiber sources for cats are psyllium and pumpkin, for example, not tomatoes. Moreover, cats should never eat seeds from fruit or veggies as they can ferment inside their gut and cause severe diarrhea or indigestion.

So, in a nutshell, do not feed tomatoes to your cat. The healthiest way to make sure that your feline friend remains healthy and happy is to feed her a cat-specific diet, whether homemade or commercial.


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