Your dog is your best friend, and it is important to do what you can to ensure that he has a happy and healthy life. If you are looking for ways to keep your pal around for as long as possible (aside from regular vet checkups), here are some easy things you can do.

Get Him Groomed

Even if your pet does not have long hair or his breed does not require regular trips to the groomer, consider getting him groomed occasionally. Pet grooming Spring TX is an easy way to keep your dog feeling (and smelling) his best. Groomers can often perform other services such as nail trimming and since they are very hands-on, they may even notice health issues that you may not be aware of.

Let Him Socialize

Though your dog loves spending time with you, it is important to also let him spend time with other dogs (as long as he is interested). Dogs who spend time with other dogs are often less anxious and do much better in settings where they are around other animals, like at the vet. If you have a dog that is very high-energy, introducing him to a canine friend who likes to play can be great for your dog—and for your nerves.

Feed Him Healthy Snacks

It is extremely tempting to give your pet that extra table scrap if he looks at you lovingly, but do what you can to keep from feeding him whatever you are eating. If dog treats aren’t interesting to him, give him things like carrots, green beans, and even some fruits like mango or pineapple (in moderation).

Keeping your pet as healthy as possible often seems challenging. Follow these simple tips and you will have your best friend with you for years to come.

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