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Best Farm Animal Species To Buy When You Are Just Starting Out


Surely you must have come across many animals for sale while browsing through the farmer’s markets and online sites. Yet, you can’t what animals are the most profitable and require little care and in less expense. Having a small business based on animals requires you to research a lot. But first things first, you need to decide what animals you want on your farm. 

Here are 5 best farm animals for small businesses:

  • Cattle

U.S. and Canada are one of the biggest markets for beef. This makes cattle a no.#1 choice of people on the list for livestock. Not only do they get you good pay for the animal you raise, but also, they are low on the maintenance side. 

  • Chickens

Eggs and chicken meat have a huge market demand. They are used in the number of meals we prepare and hence, the more the production the better. The constant production of eggs by hens and their breeding capabilities make them an excellent choice for a small farm. They require very little space and very cheap to raise. And not to forget the huge market opportunity in the organic egg and meat market. Also, people love the locally sourced eggs and chicken meat. 

  • Goats 

The global consumption of red meat is about 65%. That is a huge demand to feed and an excellent opportunity to cash on. In North America, it is seen that people are more and more moving on to goat milk, cheese, and also meat. They are adapting to healthier alternatives to feed their protein requirements. Also, similar to any other animal, getting an organic certification will boost your sales. But; there is one amazing thing about having goats, you can rent them out. People pay you to take your goats and clear the heavy vegetation on their properties. Goats are cool! 

  • Bees 

Bee farming is relatively easy and people own them as a hobby. They are valuable for farmers for pollination. And there is a big market for locally sourced honey and beeswax. 

  • Rabbits 

Rabbits are cute and cuddly, but they are also tasty. Rabbit meat is considered very healthy and there are recent studies that encourage people to use them as an alternative food choice for red meat. Hence, you will find a lot of rabbits in animals for sale stores for breeding purposes. Even their fur is useful in making hats and coats. And, they are friendly, a lot of people keep them as pets. But you have to decide the breed that you want to raise and the business you want to opt for.

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