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How To Build a Cat House on Your Own

Cat house is becoming more and more popular each day. Earlier, this concept was not that developed but with the evolving technology and techniques, building a house for your cat is almost equal to playing with some tools and materials for a day. Like you, your cat also deserves a beautiful house where they can spend most of their day either playing, sleeping or just purring. For details about cat house, visit: letsbuyit.se/katthus/.

They love to sleep around a cozy corner where they can be warm and safe, away from noises. It is really a hear-warming sight to watch your fella sleep all comfortably in their very own house. If your cat is missing out on this lovely experience, you should build up a house soon and surprise them.

Before starting off with the steps right away, it is important for you to decide if you want an indoor house or an outdoor one. Several in-and-out cats visit a preferable household who provide them with food and shelter to live in. Such cats never stay back with the owners but keep visiting them regularly. In such cases, building an outdoor cat house is the best choice for them. It will be convenient for your little guests to sneak into their house and spend some time there before they leave for the mid-day or midnight venture. Following are the guidelines to build a perfect house for both indoor and outdoor use.


  • Gather the suitable materials for the framework. Use sturdy and durable materials to build an outdoor house because it will have to withstand adverse weather conditions. You can also modify an old dog house and use it as a house for your cat. Otherwise, buy a rectangular or square plastic storage box.
  • You need to make sure that the house is raised from the ground level. A simple hack is using a wooden stool on which the box can be fixed.
  • Next, make an entrance and exit on two opposite sides of the box. This will make the house fully functional.
  • You should carefully tape all the sharp edges from the cutting so that they do not get injured.
  • To provide warmth and comfort, layer the interior with a soft cloth.
  • Insulation is an important step. Insulate the walls and roof with an insulation board to keep them safe. You can use tape to stick the insulation board.
  • Lastly, it’s time for some décor. Put some toys or a pillow inside the house so that they can have the best time there. Do not forget to keep separate bowl for food and water.


  • For indoor purposes, it is a popular hack to use cardboard boxes in order to make a house for your little mates.
  • Cut out an entrance and exit. Look for any sharp edges, if found, tape them safely.
  • Try to make the interior cozy and warm by keeping a soft rug or blanket. Add a pillow and some toys for them to have fun inside.
  • Lastly, provide them with food and water inside.

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