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Tips to Keep Your Cat Calm During Scary Storms

Intense storms can be quite unsettling to cats. Even if cats seem cool and collected when exposed to loud sounds and harsh weather conditions, it doesn’t mean they are unaffected by them. Some cats would act anxiously amid thunderstorms, being clingy, pacing a lot, feeling restless, or wanting to escape and hide in a tight spot.

It’s normal for cats to feel anxious during storms, but surely, you’d want to do something to alleviate the negative feeling. Here are a few tips you can follow to keep your cat calm during scary storms:

1. Keep them indoors

This is an obvious tip, but you’ll be surprised that your cat might have escaped outside without knowing. When you sense a storm coming in, make sure that all of your pets are inside.

If you have an outdoor cat, coax them in with their favorite treats, pet toys from Peggasus Pets, or food. Once your cat is inside, keep tabs on your cat and other pets. Monitor your pets’ behaviors as they might become aggressive towards each other, keeping them away from one another if a fight ensues.

2. Give them a hiding place

Most cats would take shelter in storms, choosing a hiding place where they are alone and warm. Create a hiding area for him and place soft blankets around to keep them comforted.

If your cat settles in one area and looks comfortable and calm, let them stay there throughout the storm.

3. Cuddles and comfort helps

Some cats may not like being held or cuddled during storms, which is fine. But in case your cat is a gentle being that feels comfortable in your arms, keep them close and give them the reassurance they need. Make sure that you are calm as well, showing your cat that there’s nothing to worry about during the storm.

That said, avoid babying your cat, as too much coddling will reinforce your cat’s belief that they are right to be anxious during storms.

Besides cuddling them, you can purchase calming wraps or wrap them around with their favorite blanket.

4. Try natural calming remedies or medication

There are different types of essential oils and natural products like Rescue Remedy, which are given to cats before storms come in. It is a flower essence that helps the mind and body with fear and/or trauma. A drop on your cat’s head can help keep your cat calm.

You can also try pheromone plug-ins, placing them in your cat’s hiding place, right before the storm.

For cats who have severe cases of anxiety, you may want to visit the veterinarian to rule out any conditions. He can also prescribe anti-anxiety medication to keep them calm.

Wrapping It Up

The tips mentioned above are helpful not only during thunderstorms but during other situations where cats feel stressed or anxious. Try these out the next time your cat feels anxious and see which ones are most effective!

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