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How to Choose the Right Cat Collar for Your Feline Friend

It may apparently seem easy to choose cat collars but once you start digging information online, oodles of options are most likely to leave you confused. In fact, many cat owners, particularly those who have recently found a companion in their feline pets, have no idea of how many of such collars are available and what the basic differences between them are.

Adding to the scenario of chaos and confusion is cursory knowledge of the subject and its louder articulation. Many people wrongly believe that their kitty will feel fine with small dog collars around their neck. But let me tell you, it might strangle your feline friend to death if the collar is trapped on a fence and not released immediately.

This write-up is to guide you with a few practical tips on how to choose the right type of cat collar.

Tips#1 Never Buy a Dog Collar for Your Cat

Cat collars are designed in such a way that they will easily come off their neck in case, they get caught. On design front, they are different from each other but all of them have this basic feature. If a cat or kitty gets caught, the collar automatically expands and glides off its head. Some collars are made of stretchy materials so that they can easily slide off as soon as the cat gets caught.

Dog collars feature a different design and serve a different purpose. These collars come with a leash and so are meant to stay around the dogs’ neck.

Tips#2 Never Get Worried about Safety; All Cat Collars Are Safe

All kitten collars are safe. You should choose a collar that is attractive in design and comfortable for your feline friend.

Tips#3 Compare Prices

A cat collar won’t cost you an arm and a leg; still you should compare prices. These days, online search is a good idea for some quick and genuine research on any type of purchase. Though prices are less likely to vary significantly from one store to another, still you should choose the low-cost option if other considerable factors are not compromised.

Summing Up

It sounds really good that you have finally got a cat collar that will nicely fit your feline friend or baby, whatever you want to call it. But on the downside, it is going to lose the collar more than often due to the safety features. It’s something you can hardly avoid. So, attach a personalized ID tag to the collar as there is a chance that a friendly neighbor will find it in his or her premise and return it back to you.


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