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How To Prepare For A Summer Trail Adventure With Your Dog

It goes without saying that dogs are obsessed with the great outdoors. Outside, our furry friends can exhaust themselves with plenty of things to smell, areas to run around, and stuff to play with. One of the most engaging and fun summer activities you can do with your best buddy is to take them on a summer trail adventure. After all, what better way to explore nature’s hidden beauty than to have it with your energetic four-legged companion? In this article, we have compiled some of the key things you need to take note of to prepare for your next big summer adventure.

General preparations

Before heading out on your trip, it is always a good idea to conduct general planning and create a rough itinerary of your plan ahead. At this stage, it is important to consider various factors that may affect you and your dog’s health or well-being. This may include things such as: bringing specific foods or medication, taking note of the weather or temperature, checking out pet-related amenities and facilities, etc. As a general guide, here are some tips for taking your dogs with you on a summer vacation.

Training and trial runs

Trail activities are physically taxing. Whether walking, running, jumping, or hiking, you are sure to find yourself always on the go and moving. The same is the case for your dogs. As such, make sure that your dog is physically prepared for the activities ahead. You can determine and develop your pet’s endurance levels through training programs and trial runs to ensure that you both complete the trip without complications. Finally, it is critical to note that not all dog breeds are suitable for extended periods of physical activity. There are some breeds that straight out lack the physiological requirements which come with rigorous activities such as trail adventures. In cases like these, it is always advised to prioritize your pet’s safety and look for easier and more moderate alternatives.

Proper gear

Your usual or casual clothing and accessories may be sufficient on simple and relaxed trails. However, on longer and more challenging terrain, there are instances where specialized tools and gears may come in handy. Things like waist-attached leashes, harnesses, poop bags, water containers, booties, lights, and emergency kits are infinitely useful for such activities. Investing in quality equipment is always a good idea because you will never know what to expect when exploring the outside environment.

Trail rules and etiquette

Rules and etiquettes are set to keep you and your pet from harm and maintain a safer and cleaner environment for all visitors. These include the following: always use a leash, yield the right of way to other users, avoid wearing headphones or earbuds, and proper disposal of poop bags. Essentially, these things are maintained to make trail adventures more conducive to fun and enjoyment.

Trail hazards

You and your pooch are susceptible to various dangers and hazards in an outdoor environment. As such, be mindful of the following: 

  1. Overdoing – be considerate of your pace. Your pet may not be able to cope with your speed. Allow your dogs some period of rest before resuming your activities.
  2. Wildlife – encountering wildlife is inevitable in an outdoor setting. Use your dog’s leash to prevent dashes toward other animals such as bears, squirrels, or porcupines in this scenario. 
  3. Wild plants – dogs love to chew on various things throughout the trail. Be wary of what your dogs put in their mouth as some plants or flowers may be toxic and dangerous to your pets.

At the end of the day, it is the virtue of being a responsible pet owner which can ensure your successful summer vacation. You can expect to have a great time while exploring the great outdoors through sufficient planning and preparation. Finally, staying alert and active is your best tool in keeping you and your beloved friend away from harm and always on the track of smiles.



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