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3 Essential Items for a New (Or Seasoned) Horse Owner

Whether you are a new or experienced horse owner, it is important that you have the correct gear not only for your horse, but for yourself as well. If you are not feeling well equipped in that department, here are some essential items that you should acquire.

A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit for both you and your horse is an essential, but oft forgotten, item that you should always have on hand. Stock your kit with items such as wound care, scissors, antiseptic cream, and other such items so that if you or your pet get injured unexpectedly, you don’t have to worry about acquiring the proper tools to take care of the injury quickly.

Safe Riding Attire

You likely have purchased at least some riding attire, but what about clothing for riding when the weather isn’t perfectly clear or for riding at night? Invest in some high visibility horse wear so that you never risk not being seen by people driving cars or even hunters if you ride in wooded areas. Most of this clothing will either be very bright or have reflective strips on it at the least, so you’ll stand out no matter the conditions.

Items for Warmth and Cooling

Particularly if your horse spends the majority of his time outdoors in a pasture, you should ensure that he is kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Consider installing some type of overhang or shelter that provides shade or warmth when needed. Also, invest in blankets that can be used to warm and also cool the horse (wet blankets can aid in quick cooling).

There are myriad items that you need to take care of a horse. Use this simple list to ensure that you have gotten some of the basics.

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