Are you looking for a good dog bed for you, Labrador? If yes, we can help you. Choosing a good dog bed can be quite tricky, especially for labs. As you know, Labradors can be large and bulky. A mature dog can weight around 50 kgs. Because of this, choosing dog beds for labs becomes quite difficult. A dog bed should be warm and comfortable. If it doesn’t fit your Lab, it’s pretty useless. So when you go for bed shopping for your dog, you have to choose wisely. In this post, we are going to show you how to pick good dog beds for Labs. Here are some features of a good dog bed. Consider these features before choosing a bed for your Lab.

Qualities of a good dog bed (for Labs):

  1. Size: The first feature you need to pay attention to is “size of the bed”. You should always measure your Lab’s size before picking a bed. Make sure the bed is spacious enough. Choose a little extra space because dogs like to stretch on their bed. If your Lab is still growing, pick a bigger size. For fully grown Labs, you can choose the Extra-large size bed. Don’t rely on the size chart provided by the companies. Measure it yourself to see that it fits perfectly. You can easily find extra-large dog beds for Labs at Hachiko.
  2. Sturdiness: As you know, dog beds are made up of fabric and foam. And Labs like to chew their bed. So be extra careful. Choose a strong quality bed built especially for Labs. If you buy a poor bed, you Labs can chew and tear it apart. It may lead to a choking hazard. So choose a sturdy bed which can last longs. Hachiko provides super-strong sturdy beds for over-energetic Labs.
  3. Washable: Labs can get really dirty sometimes. They may shed during summers and make a mess when to go out to play. They sometimes even have accidents. So choose a washable bed. Because your Lab isn’t going to keep it clean. You have to wash their bed form from time to time to keep it clean. So make sure the bed is easily washable and takes less time to dry.
  4. Body Support: The most important feature of a good bed is body support. As you know, Labs can easily develop joint pains. So to help them relax and get a better posture, choose a bed with good body support. A good bed should be able to support their neck, back and shoulders. You can also choose an orthopaedic bed if you’re Lab has joint problems. You can buy a good orthopaedic bed with a pillow for you Lab from Hachiko.


So if you love your Labrador, you should definitely consider the above features while choosing a Bed. It will definitely help your dog in their later years. They are super loving and a great companion. They will love you like no other pets. So it is your responsibility to provide for them. Choosing good dog beds for Labs can be complicated, but you can easily find all these qualities in Hachiko dog beds.

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