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How to Stop Pugs from Barking

Pugs are generally not big barkers, but sometimes they can do it too much, so learning how to stop pugs from barking excessively is a good lesson in understanding your dog. Read on to find out the possible causes and how you can overcome them.

Barking is a dog’s way of communicating and can develop into a habit if you respond in a way that encourages more barking. You have to use a certain amount of dog psychology to get around the problem if the barking becomes a fixation.

Hints on How to Stop Pugs from Barking

All dogs bark and to expect your dog not to bark at all is unrealistic. Incessant barking, however, is annoying and must be inhibited if you want peace in the home. Finding out why you pug barks is the first step in eliminating this behaviour.

  • Some dogs bark to get rid of pent up energy, so make sure your pug is getting enough exercise.
  • Pugs are very social creatures and your pug might be barking to get your attention.
  • Incorrect cues. Has your pug learnt that when he barks you open the door or feed him? This is an inappropriate response to barking that you may be reinforcing inadvertently by rewarding him with the desired action.
  • If your pug is injured in some way he may be barking to let you know.
  • Barking is often a warning signal from a dog in an effort to protect you.
  • Noise and discomfort. A pug might bark if something is irritating him or hurting his ears.

Eliminating the Source

Once you figure out why your pug barks, you can take steps to eliminate the source.

  • Positive reward for good behaviour. This is more about you than it is about your pug. Watch how you respond when he barks. If you get excited and react he might take it as encouragement to continue. Quietly show your displeasure without fanfare and make sure you reward him when he stops.
  • Remove possible causes. Is the doorbell too shrill for your pug’s ears and he’s barking to let you know? Is he in pain, bored or under stimulated? Look for all the possible reasons, it might be something you have not considered before in figuring out how to stop pugs from barking.
  • If you find something that sets your pug off, try to distract him before the barking starts or remove him from the situation.
  • Perhaps your pug is confused about who is in charge. If this is the case, his barking might be his way of controlling what he perceives to be ‘his pack’. Again, this is more about your behavior and how you treat your dog. Firm, consistent and dedicated training is in order to set boundaries and reassure your pug that you are the leader. This will go a long way to helping you discover how to stop pugs from barking.

Pugs are smart dogs but they are still dogs. They need care and training to bring out the best in them. With a little patience and thought you can find out how to stop pugs from barking.

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