The gap between country living and life in the city can be pretty wide. While people in both places have plenty in common, their lifestyles vary as much as their environments.

  1. Animals

Even people who do not have commercial livestock operations often have a backyard that hosts an assortment of animals. They can be pets, like dogs and cats or a source of income, like a small group of egg-laying chickens. Horses have a place to run wild at centers that house equestrian counselors West Chester PA. Even people who do not have many or any animals of their own get to watch wild creatures traipsing through their property.

  1. Stars

All the light pollution in the cities means that the stars are distant and faded. Looking up at the sky from a dimly lit back porch can reveal a scene so magnificent it seems to belong to another planet. The night sky looks darker and the stars crisper and brighter than they could ever appear from the city.

  1. Quiet

The whoosh of traffic, the sounds of people talking outside and the slamming of car doors is a constant source of noise in the city. The sounds of nature will dominate the sweeping landscape, creating a peaceful backdrop to the day that is usually unpunctuated by loud noises.

  1. Community

There are no big box stores out in the country. Most stores are about a twenty-minute drive or longer away, so neighbors depend on each other to get by. There is a sense of community built up in most country areas where neighbors can seem more like family.

Both the city and country ways of life can be wonderful. It is good for people to experience both at some point to better appreciate both their own way of living and that of other people.

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