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Interesting Niche Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Micro influencers are becoming increasingly popular on Instagram, and it’s easy to see why. They offer a unique take on the world of social media marketing that resonates with their followers. Micro influencers have pioneered the idea of “authentic influence”—they strive to create content that speaks directly to their audience, rather than solely pushing products or services. This approach has resulted in more engaged audiences and more meaningful relationships between influencers and brands, while also giving influencers the ability to get more Instagram followers without needing to run additional ad campaigns.

Not only do micro-influencers provide an authentic platform for brand promotion, but they also reach niche markets that larger influencers might not be able to reach. This allows companies to target narrow segments of potential customers and build trust among smaller communities. With micro-influencers gaining increasing attention on Instagram, it’s no wonder that brand collaborations with them are becoming more and more popular.

The success of micro-influencers is also partly due to the fact that their followers adore them for being relatable and trustworthy. For example, a genuine traveler or food blogger would be able to share honest reviews about hotels or restaurants, which can help build trust between the influencer and their audience. The same applies to fashion bloggers, who often provide detailed content related to upcoming trends in an easy-to-understand way – something that many large influencers lack.

If you are looking for some interesting niche influencers to follow on Instagram, you have come to the right place. Here, you’ll find a list of some of the most popular instagrammers that have become famous for their posts and pictures.

Addison Rae the Instagram Influencer

Addison Rae is an American YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok superstar. She has a devoted following of tens of millions, and has landed marketing campaigns with big brands like Reebok, American Eagle, and Daniel Wellington.

Addison started her video career on TikTok, a short-form video platform that allows users to create and post videos with music. Her videos were incredibly popular, and she became one of the original “queens” of the site.

Since then, Addison has expanded her fan base to other social media platforms. She shares original dances, lip sync videos, and outfit photos. Some of her most popular videos have received over 22 million views on YouTube.

In addition to her YouTube and TikTok videos, Addison has her own beauty product line. You can find out more about her products at Addison Rae’s website and Instagram.

Baby Ashlee the Instagram Influencer

Baby Ashlee is an Instagram influencer and a social media star. She’s a self-described fashion guru, but she is also a competitive gamer. Before she became an influencer, she was an avid gamer. In fact, she used to stream video games on Twitch. However, she has since stopped doing that.

Other than her Instagram feed, you might have noticed Baby Ashlee on the back of a magazine, or perhaps even in a grocery store. She has over 200,000 followers on Instagram, and she’s earning a respectable sum of money from her online endeavors. For the record, she’s not dating anyone.

Her impressive Instagram presence is a combination of hard work, creativity, and luck. But, she’s not the only one in her league. Check out her tan-obsessed counterparts, aka the bronzed babes.

KSI the Instagram Influencer

KSI the Instagram Influencer is a YouTuber and entrepreneur who has worked with celebrities such as Lil Wayne, Logan Paul and more. He is also a multi-talented musician and has released several studio albums.

KSI is a multi-faceted influencer with a unique style and a vast fan base. His videos have millions of views.

KSI has two successful YouTube channels. In addition, he is a co-founder of multiple businesses. One of his most recent ventures is PRIME Hydration, an energy drink brand that sponsors English football giants Arsenal F.C.

KSI has gained a huge following in the gaming and entertainment industries. While he has a wide variety of fans, his followers share a common interest. KSI has a love for music and has been known to compete with other YouTubers.

Logan Paul the Instagram Influencer

One of the most famous YouTubers and Instagram influencers in the world is Logan Paul. His videos are a ton of fun. He’s been making YouTube and Vine videos for years now and has gained more than 20 million subscribers.

Aside from his YouTube and Vine videos, he also produces a series of short films and pranks that are just as entertaining. He is also famous for his YouTube vlogs, where he discusses a wide variety of subjects.

Logan Paul has also been in the news for some of the more controversial stuff. This includes his participation in the infamous Suicide Forest video, which got him in trouble with the law and raked in a hefty amount of attention.

The most popular video in the series drew more than 400,000 views. It was a gimmick that caught on.

Liza Koshy the Instagram Influencer

Liza Koshy is a social media star with over 18 million followers on Instagram and over 17 million subscribers on YouTube. She is a celebrity who is famous for her sense of humor and for her creative skits.

Koshy is half white and half Indian. Her father is of Indian descent and her mother is of Caucasian descent. Both are from Houston, Texas. In her adolescent years, Koshy was a member of the Lamar Rangerettes drill team.

While at the University of Houston, Koshy studied business marketing. After graduating, she moved to Los Angeles. During that time, she met fellow YouTuber David Dobrik, whom she started dating. However, in 2018, Koshy and Dobrik announced their breakup.

Koshy is an avid user of YouTube and Instagram, but she also has a huge following on Vine. The Vine app is an online platform that allows users to post short videos.

If you’re looking to take your business or brand to the next level on Instagram, this guide on social media marketing is a must-read. It offers valuable tips on gaining more followers and provides an in-depth look at the top celebrities and influencers on the platform.



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